Teaching My Daughter to Love Her Hair

Teaching My Daughter to Love Her Hair

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This post is sponsored by Dove™  however, all thoughts, opinions, photos and life stories are 100% mine. I hope you'll take the time to read this post and teach your daughters to #LoveYourHair.

 Growing up, my hair was  always a big issue. As a kid, I had incredibly long and frizzy hair, and kids are mean. So my hair painted a target on my back and gave them some serious ammunition. I was teased relentlessly, and unfortunately I grew to hate my "frizzy hair." So, after much begging and pleading, I finally convinced my mother to relax my hair.

Big mistake.

After years of harmful relaxers, my hair lost it's strength and begin to break off. Almost overnight my hair went from healthy and gorgeous, to incredibly unhealthy. And in a way I was right back where I started before, hating my hair, which ultimately affected my self-confidence.

What a vicious cycle.

Then Little J happened. Discovering I was pregnant with Little J was the precipice of my decision to go natural. In a sense, knowing that I was going to be raising a little girl with big hair meant I needed to come to terms with my natural hair so that she would grow to love her hair.

So I went back to my natural roots. Only this time, I decided to love every kink, curl, poof and inch of my big hair. Five years later I'm so incredibly thankful for my decision. It's amazing how much your self-confidence changes when you decide to #LoveYourHair.

A few months ago, Little J came home from school in tears. She said that someone had made fun of her hair. Frizzy, they called it. And all of my childhood memories came flooding back in a rush.

After letting her cry it out for a moment, I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. We both stood in front of the mirror and I told her how beautiful every bit of her frizzy hair is. I told her that years before, I had stood in front of a similar mirror hating my hair, but knowing that one day soon I would have a little girl of my own inspired me to love my hair.

Then we had fun. We pulled out colorful bows, and glittery clips and styled her hair until she found a fun style she liked. We tried twists, we tried puffs, we even experimented with braids.

The next day she went back to school, happy, confident, and in love with her hair. It's amazing what a little sparkle can do for a little girls self-confidence.

If you've ever had a similar moment like this with your girl, you're not alone. If you haven't yet had a moment like this, get prepared. Dove™  recently found that 8 out of 10 girls feel pressured to wear their hair a certain way.

But there's good news. 82% of girls learn their self-confidence from their mothers. That's right YOU. As a mother, you hold the power to help your little girl celebrate her hair today, so that she loves it tomorrow.

The second you decided to love your hair, your self-confidence will shine through. So talk to your daughters. Experiment with them. Just have fun. Teach your daughters that beautiful hair comes in all shades, textures and styles. But most importantly, teach them to #LoveYourHair. Get started by creating your own #LoveYourHair photo of your and your daughter to share with friends and family.

Remember, confidence begins at home. Let's set the right tone for our daughters so they can go out and take the world by storm!


This post is sponsored by Dove™ however, all thoughts, opinions, photos and life stories are 100% mine. I hope you'll take the time to teach your daughters to #LoveYourHair.


  1. I love how you are empowering her. You both have such pretty hair.

  2. Your daughter's hair is beautiful! I absolutely love all Dove products. Partially because they SMELL great. Partially because they make your hair feel great. And partially because they're just an overall good company that promotes positive self-image!

  3. So pretty! And I just love her purple coat :)

  4. A boy told my daughter that her hair looked like a lion's mane one time in kindergarten. She came home so upset!

  5. Kids can be so mean. Geez, I'm almost 40 and I still worry and try to figure out my hair! I'll give this Dove a try, as I tend to get frizzy!

  6. This is so important! I love that you are encouraging her by showing her how you love your hair. I am also very aware of what I say about myself around my daughter. I want her to grow up and be strong and ok with who she is. I am her best teacher for thee behaviors.

  7. Self-confidence is so important and it truly does start at home!

  8. It's incredible how our hair affects our self confidence right? I had a period where I would straighten mine to death but now I've just come to accept it and be happy with it. Love what you're teaching your little girl, you're an amazing mom!

  9. What a great post and a beautiful message too! I have always used Dove..it's a great product and I'm proud to support the brand! You and your daughter look beautiful!

  10. Love this thought. It is so important to learn to love ourselves and be confident in that.

  11. My daughter has been asking for a haircut with bangs. She has my hair (weird waves) and I'm still traumatized by how they looked and how difficult they were to style. (They curled up into little horns, lol.) I'm having a difficult time letting her do what she wants!


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