Anatomy of a Super Doubles Shopping Trip

Anatomy of a Super Doubles Shopping Trip

As a mother, I’m quickly finding that there are certain instincts that just come naturally. Like, for instance, loving my daughter without reservation, changing explosive diapers at 2:30 a.m. and couponing.  While the first is, without a doubt, the easiest thing I’ve ever done, the other two are taking some getting used to. Nevertheless, I am managing (quite nicely might I add).

Most of you are probably already aware that Harris Teeter is currently doing Super Doubles.  For mothers, Super Doubles is the equivalent of Christmas; only it comes 5 to 6 times a year and there’s no jolly guy in a red suit and a white beard…most of the time.  And like Christmas, when it comes to getting the best deals, couponers are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that they get what they want.  Like staying up all night clipping coupons and tossing back coffee the same way an alcoholic tosses back hard liquor after a rough day on the job.

Anyhow, while most of the world was fast asleep this morning at 4:30 a.m. recovering from their post- valentine’s day bliss, I was hunched over my coupon binder frantically re-organizing my coupons in preparation for my attack.  Although there were quite a few deals I missed out on (My free Nivea lip gloss and 99¢ Maybelline Mascara grrrrr) I managed to snag quite a few sweet deals, the most impressive being the Neutrogena Acne Concealer, Smithfield Bacon and Cereal. I even managed to grab rain checks for the lip gloss :) So after more than an hour in two different stores, I was quite happy with my loot. 
Here’s the rundown of my first trip:

Oscar Myers Bacon
Original price 3.69
 I paid .69¢

2 Smithfield Bacon
Original price $5.19 each
I paid $1.50 each

4 Hamburger/Chicken Helpers
Original price $1.89 each
I paid .50¢ each

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Original price $3.69
I paid .50¢

Lucky Charms
Original price $3.75
I paid $1.00

Honey Nut Cheerios
Original price $4.15
I paid .50¢

Corn Chex
Original price $3.59
I paid $1.00

Original price $2.95
I paid .95¢

2 Granola YoPlait
Original price $2.69 each
I paid .89¢ each

Mrs. Dash Seasoning
Original price $1.62
I paid .52¢

2 Welch’s Grape Juices
Original price $4.59 each
I paid $1.00 each

2 Deep Park Sparkling Waters
Original price $1.25 each
I paid .25¢ each

Texas Pete Hot Sauce
Original price .99
I paid .44¢

Welch’s Grape Jam
Original $2.69
I paid $1.59

Honey Wheat Bread
Original price $3.39
I paid $1.69

2 Stride Gums
Original price $1.26
I paid Free

2 Hefty Ziplock Bags
Original price $3.35 each
I paid. 32¢ each

Glade Scented Plug-in Warmer
Original price $1.79
I paid Free

Bic Mechanical Pencils
Original price $2.49
I paid.49¢

2 Packs of Advent Pacifiers
Original price $3.99 each
I paid .99¢ each

Pampers Little Cruiser Diapers
Original price $9.99
I paid 5.49

Neutrogena Acne Medication
Original price $9.45
I paid $1.42

Got 2 Be Styling Gel
Original price $6.39
I paid .19¢

Got 2 Be Body Defying Spray
Original price $6.39
I paid .19¢

Total saved with e-vic= $41.62
Total saved with paper coupons= $49.42
Total saved with online coupons=$ 4.30
Total Saved= $95.34
Total out of pocket= $37.37

I plan to make a few more trips throughout the week, but nothing too major since I was pretty satisfied with my stash. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for impressive deals, and if you guys happen to see something pretty sweet, please leave a comment so I can spread the word. Until then, ladies start your engines. 


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