Giants Victory Cupcakes

Giants Victory Cupcakes

Sadly, football season has come and gone. For some women this is a relief because for the first time in months when we ask our significant others a question, we get more than a grunt or a head bob. For the other 5% of women who actually enjoy football, we are deeply saddened, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new season. I am part of the 5%. Because I am a member of the Women who Enjoy Football club, the other day, I decided to create some yummy Giants cupcakes for me and my sweeties to enjoy.  As a bonus I tossed in some wings.

Not too bad for a spur of the moment treat. Enjoy :)



  1. Love, Love, Love cupcakes! mmm

    You have a great blog :D Im following you on all the apps you have :)

    Could you please follow back :) Thanks

  2. I don't LOVE football but I enjoy it. I love your cupcakes! (not a Giants fan though)

    I did a football cake once .. (from a roaster pan) made the perfect shape.


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