Sick, sick, sick

Sick, sick, sick

As you can tell by my blog title, and my long disappearance, I've been a bit under the weather. I probably would have been back on my feet sooner, but I am perhaps one of the worst patients ever. Luckily, and unfortunately for me, my wonderful fiance spent 8 years in the army as a medic. Which means every time I so much as sniffle, he's there with a thermometer and a can of soup. It was first. 

One of the many downsides to being in college while raising a child is that being sick is no excuse to not take care of your child and do your work. It's can be a bit difficult to concentrate on writing a feature article about government PR jobs when you feel as if you've been hit by a bus, then run over by an 18-wheeler, dragged around the block a few times and then left to soak up the rain...Descriptive yes, but as the saying goes, "a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend."

Still, I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment that I still managed to get A's on all of my assignments and quizzes while feeling as if I were on deaths door. Not to mention that I still managed to keep up with Jasmine, who is a bit of a trouble-maker these days (apparently the dreaded terrible two's have decided to visit our household a bit early). Now as far as the state of our apartment, I'm almost too embarrassed to even discuss it, but it looks as though a tornado just decided to set up camp in it, but hey, don't I get points for trying?

Anyhow, please bear with me while I try to get back up on my feet. Hopefully by next week, I'll be back in the kitchen whipping up some yummies to post for you guys. 


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  1. Well good for you for getting A's while being sick. That is not an easy thing to do when your healthy and not taking care of children :)
    New follower from MBC


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