All New

All New

I'm sure most of you have noticed quite a few new things about my blog. These changes are long overdue and I wanted to make them before I begin my giveaways and start gaining more followers. For now, however, there are a couple things you guys should know.

Most importantly my blog url has changed. I'm now located at

Secondly, my blog title has changed to The Importance of Being Reese.

Lastly, I'm going thru some major remodeling. Don't get too used to this layout, it's only temporary while I tweek my final layout. I'll also be changing some of my pages. I have yet to upload and DIY projects, so instead I'm probably going to begin featuring a weight loss section.

Anyhow, let me know what you guys think of the new page and whether or not you have suggestions and such.

Until next time


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