Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

As women, it's not uncommon for us to harbor unrealistic crushes on men we know we'll never get with. I suppose this extends to all people in general, because for the past two years, James has been touting about how one day Marisa Tomei is going to wake up and realize what she's been missing ::Crickets chirping:: Riiiigggghhhttt. You can see how overly concerned I am.

Still, as quick as I am to provide a torrential downpour on his parade, I still have hopes that one day Will Smith will divorce Jada, and show up outside my house with a dozen roses and a rock large enough to rival Beyonce's. Hey a girl can dream can't she??

So anyhow,while James is playing x-box and shouting obscenities at the television, I figured now is as good as time as any to take some much needed girl time, enjoy a nice glass of wine and surf the web for some hotties.

Here's a list of my pick of the 10 sexiest celebrity men

Anderson Cooper- I know, I know I've heard the news, but it doesn't matter. He's still just downright sexy to me. Between that super smart and witty personality and those adorable baby blues, you can't help but to love him.

Will Smith- I'm a sucker for a guy who can make me laugh. The muscles are a nice bonus too.

Channing Tatum- Two words, eye candy! So much so that I'm totally willing to overlook those ears :0

The Rock- I'm typically more attracted to men who have larger brain muscles that actual muscles, but this man is an exception.

Tom Hardy- Just saw him in "This Means War" and fell in love with his character. This man is a sexy British Beast. I do love a man with an accent.

Idris Elba- He is gorgeous. Bonus, I never see him in the tabloids, or running around with his pants dragging the ground and tear drop tattoos on his face.

Ryan Goslin- I'm not going to lie, after I watched The Notebook I was pretty pissed that Noah was able to recreate Allie's dream home after her telling him only once what she would like it to look like. Whereas I've repeatedly told James what color I would like the wedding to be, and if I asked him tonight what that color was, he wouldn't be able to tell me to save his life. Men!!

Matt Bomer- He has Christian Gray written all over him. And those eyes!

Shemar Moore- *Sigh* He's just soooo pretty.

Jensen Ackles- Too tell you the truth, when I first started watching Supernatural, I was all about Sam, but eventually Dean's roguish personality and extreme sarcasm won me over.

Of course topping this list, is my wonderful fiance, who refuses to let me include photo's of him in this post. Something about not wanting a future employer to see this. Whatever.

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoyed.



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