One Year Old in A Flash...Two Months Later

One Year Old in A Flash...Two Months Later

I know, I know, I am officially the worlds worst mommy ever. In fact, I should just retire my mommy card now. My daughter is almost 15 months old, and I'm just getting around to posting photo's from her first party.

After months of debate (and by debate I mean me saying what I wanted and James realizing that he wanted to sleep on his cozy Vera Wang mattress and not on the couch), we finally settled on a pretty neat theme for her birthday. The theme was "One Year Old in a Flash." I'm not a fan of the whole Disney Princess or Micky Mouse theme because they're a bit overdone for my taste, so this was perfect. Basically the only decorations were photo's of Jasmine. Of course we had a few camera props laying around just for an added touch. And we even set up a photo display table with pictures of Jasmine scattered about.

Before you guys dive into the good stuff, let me explain the photo's you are about to view. Our little Bean is about as mixed as they come. As I like to say, she is the best of three worlds. Those worlds being White, African American and Korean. According to Korean tradition, on a child's 1st birthday, they are to be dressed in traditional Korean attire and placed in front of a table filled with various knickknacks and food. Then they are left to decide which items to pick up. Usually the child ends up doing something related to the first item they pick up.

 Jasmine (after some guidance and encouragement from mommy) picked up the gavel first. This indicates that she will possibly be a judge one day. Which is awesome for me, because I have every intention of living in a nice senior citizen home in right on the coast in Tampa, and those things ain't cheap, so it's nice to know that my daughter will be able to afford to set her mommy up in some pretty sweet digs...Just sayin'

Anyhow, the rest of the photo's are pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy!

Pink and green treat table

Photo table

One of the party favor tables

Korean table filled with a bunch of goodies

Our Bean all dolled up in traditional Korean attire

The Bean playing with her best friend

Jasmine playing with the food.

See what I have to deal with?



Cupcake time!

The Bean in her third outfit of the day. lol

Time for presents

His face is priceless. lol

Basically I think we just set the bar for all of the other birthdays to come. What was your kiddos first birthday theme? Do you have any family traditions for the first birthday? Sound off in the comment section below.

     XOXO Reese


  1. Awesome idea for a party! Happy (belated) birthday little bean!

  2. Stopping by to say hi from the GFC blog hop last week. So glad to meet you! Looking forward to following your blog. Hope you are having a great start to the week!

  3. What a lovely party.

    Mrs. Delightful

  4. Looks like so fun! My son is 14 months, and don't you just think the couple months right after their birthday just flies?? I'd love for you to come link up this post at the Mommy-Brain Mixer on Thursday! It's loads of fun! I found you via the Weekend Blog Walk and am happy to be your newest follower! I'd love a visit back at :)

  5. You have a beautiful family! What a great party! Thanks for stopping by Create.Craft.Love. Happy to be following you via GFC! Can't wait to get to know you better!

  6. You are not the worst mom - I haven't even beguun my 16month olds baby book. Things go too fast! Stopping by Learning to Play and Playing to Learn’s Flashback Friday Blogshare. I hope you’re come visit me at

  7. Great party idea. And what a way to pull in her heritage! Kudos!
    Linking up from Learning to Play.=)

  8. Cute concept! The Korean table is such a lovely idea, and I love the idea of respecting all cultures that make up your family. x

    1. Thanks Kim! It's only fair that she understands that she comes from a beautiful mixture of cultures :)

  9. Hahaha, I only just posted my daughters first birthday party photos this week, she turned two a bit over 2 mths ago. I'll get around to her second birthday ones someday soon, maybe next July. I love the Korean tradition, will have to keep following your blog for the next 20 odd years to see if she really does become a judge, haha. Thanks for linking up for Flashback Friday Blogshare!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful comments ladies. It's always great to hear such wonderful feedback!

  11. What a beauty! I love the traditional Korean outfit. Thanks so much for coming to my blog :)


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