A Weekend in the Life of A Pinterest Addict

A Weekend in the Life of A Pinterest Addict

As many of you already know, weekends are usually a time to cram in all the family time that you missed out during the hectic week. For us, weekends are typically spent in either one of our tiny vehicles heading somewhere to visit someone. This weekend I finally managed to convince James that we all needed a bit of down time. Which, as it turns out, is a bit boring. Nonetheless, this downtime gave me a chance to complete a few pinterest projects I've had my eyes on.  And since my oh-so wonderful daughter decided to destroy my jewelry armoire a few days ago, my little pinterest inspired craft came in a very timely manner.

 Here's what the finished product looked like. 

I know! Cute huh??

I've been wanting to do something with this wall since we moved in, because lets face it, it's dull. Actually, dull would be a step up from what it was.

 So being the frugal woman that I am , I dusted off my coupon book and headed for the stores. After heading to Home Depot, A.C. Moore, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby, my supply list was complete.

 I started with a plain brown shelf, which I sanded down a bit. The self, which I got at A.C Moore, cost me about $6.00. After sanding down the self, I painted it with the first coat, and let it dry overnight. Then the next day, I did the touch ups.

Next I drilled in the knobs. This was the hardest part. I measured, drew lines, even checked to make sure my measurements were correct. It still came out uneven, but I'm not going to fret over it. Too much anyway. I promise, I'm not going to wake up at 2:30 in the morning and stare at it, until ultimately I decide to just start from scratch. That was the old me. The new me loves the imperfections and realizes that the imperfections are what makes it unique and individual to me.

Moving on, once I screwed in the 4 hole ring hangers, I put my Hercules hooks in the wall, and that part was finished.

Next came my earring holder. This is the part I love. That lovely frame that you see on display was originally priced at $46.99. As nice as it is, it wasn't worth 47 bucks. Especially since it was just the frame. No glass and no backing. Luckily the manager on duty realized this and took 50% off. And then, removed an additional 40% since it was one of the redline items. Score!!! This is why I love A.C Moore.

Once I got my frame, I swung by Home Depot and grabbed some insect netting. That ran me about $8.00. After a few unsuccessful attempts at fastening the netting to the back of the frame, I finally ended up just tacking the net to the frame. Then once again, I drilled my 4 hole hooks into the back of the frame and set up my hercules hooks, and viola, project complete...Sorta.

While I was in Michael's I snagged those cute little boxes and pearls that you see on the self. The
boxes were on sale for a couple dollars a pop, and the pearl flowers cost $5.00.

So that was my weekend in a nutsell. Here's an adorable shot of my daughter for the road.

Until next time.



  1. Wanted to stop by and say hi! Read your comment on my blog and wanted to know more about this smoothie diet. Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

  2. That's cool... Thanks for sharing. Your family is super cute ;)

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  4. I'm a pinterest addict too! Looks like you have been working on some great things! Found you on Exposure 99% weekday hop and am now following you. Would love a follow back!

  5. That craft looks adorable! I've been looking for a way to organize my jewelry forever, and it looks like the materials didn't cost that much either. Your daughter is adorable, by the way :) Thanks for checking out my blog!

  6. great job! I just made a necklace holder from a frame for my friend. I love how it's simple and functional!

  7. Awesome job!

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    Mrs. Delightful

  8. This is so pretty! I've been looking all day for different jewelry organizers- because I'm in desperate need of a place to hang my long necklaces. That little shelf and knobs is just the thing! If you have a minute, I'd love for you to link up to Sweet Sharing Monday - http://saynotsweetanne.com/2012/sweet-sharing-monday-15/


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