Dear Friday

Dear Friday

 Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday,
So we meet again.  I’m so happy to see you because you mean that tomorrow is almost here, and although I can’t say much about it, tomorrow is a pretty big deal for me. Tomorrow I’m going to possibly have one of the best opportunities that a communications major living in Charlotte during the DNC could possibly have.  So Friday, please don’t take it personal that I’ll be excited to see you go.

Dear Suzuki,
I was pleasantly surprised at the great customer service that you guys provided me with. I’ve never been a fan of taking my car in to get worked on, but the fact that you guys gave me an oil change, a tire rotation, a windshield wiper replacement and fixed my oil leak free of charge is pretty awesome.

Dear Pembroke/ Lumberton
You have made me angry for the last time. I have tried being kind and understanding because you guys are a smaller town and aren’t exactly known for your stellar educational system. However, this recent development is unacceptable. Once the DNC is over, and I have time to deal with you, I’m going to drive to South Eastern hospital and pitch a fit of the likes that no one in that town has seen. And should you continue to attempt to screw me over (which I would highly advise against) I will take my fuss to the newspapers, the radio, and the internet. This is your forewarning that a storm is heading your way. And her name is Reese.

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XOXO Reese


  1. Congrats on your opportunity tomorrow!! Good luck! Also, super curious about the cause of your anger... but glad you are standing up for yourself!

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