My Daughter, The Genius

My Daughter, The Genius

Although I like to pretend that I'm ultra chic and cool, in actuality, I'm truly a nerd. I'm talking Harry Potter lovin', Dr. Who watching, silently correcting people's grammar when they speak, memorized the periodic chart kinda nerd.But that's okay, because obviously James is completely smitten with me. It probably helps that he's an even bigger nerd than I am. Seriously, he's watched every episode of every series of Star Trek...twice.

I often times catch myself wondering what this means for our daughter. Every parent hopes their kid is that one in a million child that can read and understand Finnegans Wake while most kids their age are still learning how to count to three. It's normal for parents to think their children posses above average intelligence, even if they're completely normal. But still, from time to time, I can't help thinking my daughter is a genius. It's almost as if she knows a bit too much.

Like for instance the night before my birthday. She decided to stay up ALL night. By the time 5:00 am rolled around James and I were in a zombie-like trance, sitting on the couch, staring at Jasmine who was bright-eyed and bushy tailed in front of the television, sipping on her warm milk and occasionally looking over her shoulder to ensure that she still had our undivided attention. By the time his parents arrived to watch Jasmine so that we could go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, we were both so exhausted we were trying not to fall asleep at the table. So instead of going to the movies after dinner like we had originally planned, we decided to call it an early night. At 9:30. On a Saturday. How lame.

It wasn't until the next day, after a solid 5 hrs of sleep that I realized we'd been had.

And this isn't the only time.

But she's just so stinkin' adorable you can't be mad. Which is how I know she's smart. She wields her cuteness like a weapon, using it to get herself out of trouble.

"That's it come a little bit closer. Just a little bit more.
Right about there. Now ATTACK!!!"
Like when she gets caught holding something she shouldn't be, and then throws whatever it is she was holding and runs. It's the cutest thing in the world to watch. Unless the thing she's throwing is James's phone...and it breaks. Twice. But even then she's so cute!. Besides he needed a new phone anyway. Who the heck still has a Blackberry?

Anyhow, I'm starting to think that our nerdiness is directly correlated to Jasmine's above average ability to get into trouble. I guess we might as well face the fact that our daughter is going to be that kid in chemistry class that manages to burn down the classroom because she's testing a new substance.

That's okay, I'll love her just the same. Even if she burns down the house, or combines something so lethal that the hazmat team has to come out to properly dispose of it. I'll love her through it all. Because that's what mommies and daddies do.

Until next time.

XOXO Reese


  1. Haha, my daughter is the same way, a little trouble maker. ;) Love her though!

    9:30 on a Saturday sounds like bedtime to me. ;) haha..


  2. Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Following you, of course!

    I loved your comment about NC State, haha!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  3. So cute! I agree, she is genius.

  4. I agree that as parents our jobs are to love our kids through thick and thin. But here's to hoping she doesn't burn down the chemistry lab. LOL. Found your blog on Bloggers Coast to Coast. I'm a fellow QC Mommy as well!

  5. Very cute blog! An enjoyable read to be sure. Thanks for posting.
    found you on the friday bloghop
    Foster Parent Rescue

  6. Oh I can relate to this. They say that kids lose their "cuteness" at 4 1/2 and I keep telling my daughter she only has 2 more years of getting away with everything because she is just too darn adorable.

  7. You have a beautiful daughter!

    I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following me would mean alot!


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