The Importance of Being Reese: October 2012

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Why I Choose to Take My Daughter Trick-or-Treating

When I was a child, I dreamed that I would grow up to be an astronaut/model and that I would live in a castle with my pet unicorn. Flash forward 20 years later; I am neither of those things, and I certainly don't have a pet unicorn, (or live in a castle for that matter). I'm pretty sure at the time that I was making these elaborate plans, my parents were laughing to themselves, but they never laughed at me. No matter how outrageous my fantasy's were, they still allowed me to dream.

To me, Halloween is about dreaming. I see little girls dressing as princesses and fairies, and little boys dressed as superheros and dinosaurs. It makes me smile. It makes me feel like a kid again. For one day out of the year, I'm allowed to enjoy the feeling of being young and not having to worry about bills, the state of the economy, or who did better during the presidential debate on foreign policy.

There's a lot I won't be able to protect my daughter from when she gets older. That much is certain. As most of us can attest from personal experience, the world is sometimes a cruel place. But, it is also a beautiful place. A place were little boys and girls have the ability to dream. And dream big. Even if it's for only one night out of the year, I want my daughter to be able to dream big. I want her to enjoy being young for as long as she can.

The next time you're around a happy kid, pay attention. I mean really look at them. They're not worried about anything. They throw their whole selves into that one moment. It's contagious. And amazing to witness. Sometimes I wish more adults had that ability. So, as silly as Halloween may be to you, to a child, it's a magical day where Princesses and Superheros are real, and dreams, no matter how extravagant, are always possible. That is why I choose to take my daughter trick-or-treating.

What about you? Are you for or against letting your kiddos celebrate Halloween? Why or why not?

XOXO Reese

Why Men Should Never Babysit

So I just happened to be going through the video camera, deleting photos to clear up space for Halloween pictures, when I stumbled across this...

And yes, in case you are wondering, those are pants on top of my darlings precious little head. Judging by the photo, I'd say that my munchkin was about 5 or 6 months in this shot. Bet you don't have to guess too hard to figure out who it was who placed those pants on top of her head? Need a hint? It wasn't me. Although, I think the foot in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo gives it away. My feet are way cuter. (And considerably less whiter).

Later in life, when I'm lazily sipping mojitos in my ocean view senior citizens resort, and James is drinking wine out of a box on skid row, he's going to wonder why it is that his daughter didn't set him up in a nice retirement penthouse like mine. I'll be sure to send him these photos as a reminder of how he use to torture his munchkin when she was a defenseless little baby.

XOXO Reese

Farm Rich Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Tawnya Sather! 

You were the winner of the Farm Rich Appetizers Giveaway. 
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Last Minute Halloween Inspiration

With Halloween less than a week away, I figured I'd better dust off some of my decorations from last year and get to work. However, recently, pinterest has been the recipient of my undivided attention. Here are some of my fave ideas for this spook-tacular day.

p.s. If you guys have any ideas you'd like to share, leave a link in the comment section and I'll be sure to check it out. 

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XOXO Reese

My Weekend Waldo Impersonation

As you may have gathered from a few of my previous posts, this past weekend was jam packed with events and activities. On Friday, James and I attended another private dance lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. This time, we learned how to cha-cha, and brushed up on our Waltz, Salsa and Swing. We even managed to sneak in a bit of Tango. Then after our lesson, we hung around for the monthly dance social so that we could show-off have some more fun on the dance floor. It was such a blast.

What I thought we looked like...

What we really looked like.
 Even though I'm not being paid in any way to promote the studio, I feel that I should tell you that Arthur Murray does offer a free private lesson for first-time students, so swing by their website and check it out. It makes a seriously fun date night.

Saturday morning, I woke up, drank more coffee than is probably recommended, put on more pink than a sane person should, and danced and partied at the 1st Annual Ja'Makin Me Fitness Jam. This wonderful event was put together to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. We rocked it out so hard we literally stopped traffic a few times (It was an outdoor event). Shameless plug number two: If you ever happen to be in the Charlotte area, and you want to jam with an amazing group of ladies, swing by Ja'Makin Me Dance Fitness Studio. You will NOT regret it.

My Team Tata's Shirt

Eat More Chicken!
After the Jam, I rushed home and did the whole shower/change of wardrobe thing so fast it would have made Clark Kent jealous. You know, if he weren't a fictional character. Then I rushed off to Babies-R-Us, where I got a chance to attend my first blogger event hosted by Graco (expect a separate post on this soon)

It was great meeting a few of my fellow Charlotte bloggers. In fact we've all already exchanged info and are stalking each other via blog/facebook and twitter. Hopefully soon we'll all get a chance to get together and meet up again. Be sure to check them out, they're both great ladies. You can find them at: Everyday in Stilettos & Cluttered Genius

Sunday rolled around and found me curled up in the fetal position. Apparently spending two hours in the unusually hot for this time of year, Charlotte weather, shaking what my momma gave me, left me feeling as if a truck had run over me. Twice.

Still I fixed a massive breakfast for the entire family. Grits, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, turkey bacon (for those who are actually attempting to live past 35-which apparently is only me) regular bacon, biscuits, and about two pots of coffee. Then I patiently waited until everyone was corralled out of the apartment and headed to the Panther's game before I collapsed back into bed in an effort to catch up on some sheep counting. Which was, of course, thwarted by James' insanely loud ringtone, Jasmine's incessant whining (a new phase) and our neighbors sudden urge to test out their new surround sound system. *Awesome*

Later that evening after saying goodbye to my parents, the rest of us tried out this new German restaurant called Waldhorn. Having spent over five years of my life in Germany, I can tell you that was not authentic German food. But they had great customer service so that sort of dulled the intense disappointment that I felt. James' parents took off after that and we headed back to the apartment.

Monday morning I woke up (after 2.5 hours of sleep) at the butt-crack, of the butt-crack of dawn (5 a.m.) and headed out the the Charlotte Country Club for the 2012 Cadillac Golf Tournament. The event went flawlessly. Expect tons of photos once I get my hands on them. I'm now even more determined than ever to make sure that next years event is even better than this year.

Afterwards a bunch of us ladies hit up a restaurant and had a smorgasbord of appetizers and beer. Not a bad way to end the day. Once I got home (at 8:30) I decided to close my eyes for an hour, before hitting the books for my major exam the next day. I spent then entire night/morning cramming everything I had learned in the past month about Rhetorical Theory into my head, and by the grace of God (and Starbucks) I walked into that classroom and managed to get a 98 on that test.

That was my weekend. I've decided that Jasmine and I are going to spend the entire weekend in our pjs in bed recovering from last weekend. So what are your weekend plans???

XOXO Reese

November Ad Special

I've seriously been excited about November for a while now. I've been stockpiling all these goodies in anticipate of my many "surprises" that I have planned for you wonderful people. Now that phase one is complete, I'm moving on to phase two.

Phase two involves getting the word out about my November sponsor specials. If you purchase an ad with me for the month of November, it will run for 60 DAYS. Which technically means it's a November/ December ad special, but it just sounded better as November Ad Special. Straight, simple and to the point. No unnecessary wordage.

Anyhow, all ads will go live November 1st, and will run until the end of December. Depending upon how many sponsors I have, I may break your Sponsorship Spotlights down into two or three sections to make sure that you guys all get equal exposure. Basically, I'm just going to ask you guys all what is it that "YOU" want to do (within reason), and then I'll just go along with it.

To find out more information about the services I offer, be sure to check out my sponsor page.

I'm looking forward to working with you guys!

XOXO Reese

I Survived...

I survived. For a while there it was touch and go. I honestly didn't think I would make it through the week. And yet still, it's only Tuesday. My body is so exhausted that right now I'm struggling to stay awake long enough to post this. I'm sure tomorrow I'll wake up and find all sorts of grammatical errors in this post. Don't you just hate that?
How I'm feeling. Only a lot less manly and Italian.

Moving along...If you guys will just bear with me for another few days I will have some great posts/ big announcements. November is going to be an awesome month here, so make sure you check in with me.

I've also got one more slot open for my November guest post, so if you think you might be interested, shoot me an email at

All right ladies, I bid you a good night. I've got some major sheep counting to catch up on.

See ya in the a.m.

XOXO Reese

It's the Freakin' Weekend

Yay! The weekend is upon us once again. I've seriously been looking forward to it because I have quite a few things coming up.

To kick off the jam packed weekend, we will have, not just one, but both sets of grandparents here in town. James' mom managed to score some pretty sweet tickets for the Panther's game this weekend, so our parents are going to meet up and go have a grandparents day out. Which means I will be doing some massive cleaning. James has wisely opted to spend his day on campus. Smart guy. Apparently I get a little intense when I start cleaning. Moving on.

Later on tonight, James and I have another private dance lesson scheduled, and then afterwards, we'll be sticking around for the monthly dance social where we'll have a chance to get out on the floor and show off our skills (or lack thereof...)

Tomorrow, I'll be dancing for two straight hours at a breast cancer awareness Jam in Charlotte. So if you happen to be in my neck of the woods, and want to come join in the party, click here for more dets. It's donation based, so you get to choose how much you'd like to pay. Awesome right?

And lastly, on Monday morning (which technically isn't the weekend, but oh well) I'll be heading back to the Kidney Foundation to help out with the 2012 Cadillac Golf Tournament. For you regular readers, you know I spent my summer interning with the National Kidney Foundation and am super passionate about the cause, so I agreed to come back and help out with the tournament.

Until then, me and the Bean will be hanging around the apartment, looking incredibly cute while I  desperately try to get the apartment ready for our weekend guests/crazyness.

I'm seriously in love with this outfit.
Stripes, Bow and Pearls. Love the combo

Look at the intensity in those eyes. It just got real.

Anyhow, I hope you guys all have a wonderfully fantastic weekend. Don't forget to enter into my Farm Rich Giveaway. Only a few days left.

So, what are your weekend plans??

XOXO Reese

Spotlight Guest Post: Finding Mommy Friends *The Chic Stay At Home Mom*

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening (depending on what time you're reading this) I have a special treat for you wonderful people today.

I would like to welcome back one of my fabulous sponsors, The Chic Stay At Home Mom who will be joining me until the end of October. Which is awesome, because she's such an amazing lady with such a beautiful story to tell. Find out more about her and her adorable family here

Today, she's writing about a familiar topic for most of us mommies; Finding Mommy Friends. Be sure to leave some comment love for her in the comment section and swing by her blog to show her some love.


Hello there! I'm Tia from The Chic Stay at Home Mom blog. It is my pleasure to be doing a guest post for Reese this month. I love her blog and I feel honored to be one of her sponsors. Now. A little back story. I'm an Army Wife who recently relocated to Texas (for the second time). The first time we lived here we were only in San Antonio for ten months. Long enough for me to find a job and get pregnant. When I found out we were moving I was devastated. One because I loved my job, and two because I had just formed some great friendships and I wasn't ready to leave. It was like having a summer fling and not wanting the summer to end. Luckily, I'll be meeting my girlfriends from my old job this week for lunch. Unfortunately, they all have school age children (and jobs) so they aren't available for story time, arts and crafts and impromptu play dates at Chick Fil-A. Hence my dilemma.

Being back in Texas is great, but this time it's completely different because I'm a stay at home Mom to an awesome two year old girl. Finding friends when you're working is pretty easy because you eventually bond with someone at your job. When you're a stay at home Mom you have to literally find friends. Which has been ridiculously exhausting. First of all looking for other stay at home Mommy friends is a mix between dating online and dating the old fashioned way. I'm all over Facebook joining different pages and trying to "get in" on different conversations about meet-ups and play dates. With no luck might I add. Apparently, I suck at online "dating". Thank God I got married when I did because I'm not doing so well getting pass the screening process. 

To add to my borderline Facebook page desperation I've been making sure Savannah and I look like a fun, approachable duo while we're out. You never know who you may run into and I want another Mommy to see me and say "Hey that lady should be coming to my group's play dates!". Or at least hello. I would actually settle for a hello at this point. You see at our last duty station (residence) we had an awesome group of friends and attended play dates, lunches and outings with them on a regular basis. Maybe two to three times a week. So it's literally killing me to sit at home most of the week.

I get it though. Once women have formed a system and a group of friends they don't go out of their way to include the new chick at the playground. I get it. Even if I am cool and my kid is well behaved you probably won't be inviting me to join the group at Starbucks for the pre-nap jam session. I get it. Trust me. I do. So. To the group of Mommies that were hanging out at the playground today, thanks for chatting me up but deciding you weren't interested in a second date. Or would that be an official first date? See. I'm not good at the new age dating rules. I thought for sure that the blonde with the super cute little boy was going to ask for my number but nope. It was a huge build up to an awesome let down. I guess she just wasn't that into us.

Don't worry I'm not discouraged and I will continue to put myself out there. I'm a fun girl. Some people even think I'm funny and a darn good friend. I know eventually Savannah and I will find a group that's right for us. Until then, I'll keep enjoying our one on one time. We'll be starting gymnastics and dance lessons soon and I'm positive we'll make some friends there. Who knows. We may even click with someone at the playground this week. We'll be looking our best just in case!  Just like when you're dating, in the beginning it's all cute blouses and skinny jeans. Once you become friends it turns to sweats and stained t-shirts and you no longer feel the need to put on makeup. That's what I'm looking for. Some other no-fuss Moms who are easy going.

Well. I hope you all enjoyed my little rant about something that's going on in my life right now. Feel free to stop by my blog and see me sometime!

Farm Rich Review + Giveaway!

As parents, we can all admit that it's not easy juggling taking care of the kiddos, keeping a clean house, running errands, and preparing delicious snacks and meals that your sometimes finicky children will enjoy . This past week I had the opportunity to try out a few of Farm Rich's yummy frozen food products for the first time, and was pleased to discover that not only are they an amazing time-saver in the kitchen, but are also wonderfully delicious snacks for the entire family.

Lately I've been shying away from frozen foods, but I was quite impressed with Farm Rich's products. So impressed that I went back today to grab another bag of their Mini Pizza Slices! One of my favorite things about these tasty treats, is how simple they are to make. Just unwrap, place on a baking tray, and let the oven take care of the rest.

We tried the Mini Pizza Slices and Mozzerella Sticks, but they also offer a variety of other products, including:

Mini Philly Cheese Steaks 
Mini Quesadillas
Jalapeno Peppers
Queso Cheese Bites
Breaded Mushrooms
Original and Italian Styled Meatballs
Stuffed Pretzel Bites
French Toast Sticks

And for you frugal mommas, fear not, their products are very affordable! Be sure to check out their website and facebook page to sign up and score exclusive deals and coupons that will make the whole family happy.

I also have one more treat for you guys. Today, you'll have a chance to win two free Farm Rich appetizers. The giveaway will run from Tuesday, September 16th, until Thursday September 25th at midnight, and the rules are super easy. (1) Leave a comment telling me what two products you would pick if you win. You can check out the list of their products here. (2) Become a fan of Farm Rich's facebook page. There are a few other options available to enter into the contest. Be sure to use the rafflecoptor link below to enter the giveaway.

Thanks for reading!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 XOXO Reese

* Please note, although Farm Rich Products provided me with complimentary products to review, this post accurately reflects my experience in using these products. 

Friday's Letters

Dear Arthur Murry Dance Studio,
I never would have imagined that taking dance lessons with you guys would be this great! You guys have this amazing ability to not only give great lessons, but to do it in a way that brings couples even closer. Your instructors in the Charlotte region are top notch. Keep up the good work!

Dear Weekend,
Oh how I've missed you! This week has been so incredibly hectic. I have so many amazing plans for you. My pinterest activity as of late has been off the charts, and my brain is overflowing with tons of ideas. Plus I've rented The Avengers, and Snow White and The Huntsman from redbox, stocked up on Nestle Toll House cookies, and have a nice bottle of wine in the refrigerator. I'm so ready to get my weekend started off the right way, with a Chris Hemsworth movie drool-athon.

Dear Bloggy Friends,
You guys are so awesome. I enjoy the comments, tweets, facebook love and messages. I have some great plans for you guys next week.

Dear Next Week,
Please be as awesome as this one!

Photo creds: 1) 2) 3)

XOXO Reese


Finding Happy: My Weight Loss Journey

Weight. It's perplexing how one little word can exert so much control over our lives. How, with one little tip of the scale, we can either feel good, or bad about ourselves. For some people, weight is not an issue. They can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and never gain a pound. For others, there is this constant battle to lower those numbers. A battle that they will sometimes fight at any cost.

Before I had Jasmine, my weight was never really an issue. I say "never really" because there was a time in my life I put on a little weight. We had just come back from a three year stint in Germany, and I finally had access to all of my favorite fast food joints that I had been denied. Like most people who haven't had the opportunity to indulge in something they love, when presented with the chance to enjoy it, I happily forked over my cash, completely oblivious to the fact that my size 4 jeans no longer seemed to fit anymore.

I remained in this blissful state of oblivion for months. Until one day, finally, I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. I realized for the first time in my life I didn't like the person looking back at me. So I started running. Hard. Everyday. Until I finally recognized the girl looking back at me.

For years, I managed to maintain my weight, with little to no effort. It seemed that once I took the weight off the first time, my body just automatically shrank back to it's original size.

Then came my pregnancy. And, believe me, it was quite a journey. Not a particularly happy or easy one, but it had a good ending. The condensed version of my pregnancy is that by the end of it, I was taking six steroids a day in an effort to increase my blood platelet count to reduce the likelihood that I would bleed out during birth. Luckily it worked, but sadly, the perfect birth that I had envisioned ended in a c-section.

Once I was discharged from the hospital, I was instructed to continue taking the steroids. Suddenly, I had this intense desire to eat nearly everything in sight. I guess because I had gone through such a traumatic pregnancy/birth, James did everything he could to keep me happy. Including stocking the apartment with all the junk food I could eat. Which at the point, was quite a bit. By the time it dawned on me that my desire to eat all the time probably had something to do with the steroids that I was being weened off of, I had already regained all the weight that I had lost giving birth.

Then a second problem arose. Because I was so hard headed, I didn't follow my doctor's orders, I overdid it.  As a result, my incision swelled. So that meant I had added an additional 3-4 weeks to my already 4-6 week long doctor imposed "no work-out period."

Then (because all great things come in three's) there was one more problem. I finally gave up trying to work out, and just figured maybe I could start dieting until I got the all clear from my doctor. However, it seemed that every time I started trying to control my food intake, my milk production would slow down. I fought this battle on and off for months, until finally I just decided to let it go until after I was done breastfeeding.

14 months later, I was finished breastfeeding, and finally ready to recognize myself again. I went into it hard. I did the 30-Day Shred. Which actually wound up being more like the 60-Day Shred. I did zumba at least three times a week. I took Jasmine walking every chance I had. Slowly, I started to notice a change.

Jasmine is 17 months old, and I am now finally only a few pounds heavier than I was before I had her. My work-out routine has changed quite a few times to try to fit my hectic schedule, but I manage. At least three times a week I run three miles. I try to squeeze in a few hours of zumba here and there, and I've just replaced my 30-Day Shred with Jillian Micheal's new Kickboxing DVD. When you combine this, with a complete overhaul of my eating habits, the change has been drastic.

It's not even the change in my weight that really motivates me,  it's the change in myself that's been the most inspiring. Now, whenever I hear someone say something bad about their weight, I always try to encourage them. Before my struggle, I didn't truly know what it meant to not feel comfortable with your body. Now that I've been through that battle, I understand how difficult it is.

So if you're reading this, and you're like the millions of other people who aren't comfortable with your body, know that I believe that you can make a change. It won't be easy; the worthwhile things in life rarely are, but it is VERY possible.

Photo creds: 1)  2)
XOXO Reese

Le Corner Café Update

Good morning everyone!

You may be wondering why I haven't posted the Le Corner Café link-up for the day. I've actually decided to take a break with that for a while. It was starting to get to be a hassle to maintain and wasn't really generating enough interest to warrant me paying a monthly fee to continue with. I'd prefer to spend my money on putting together some awesome giveaways for you guys :)

I've got a couple of pretty sweet giveaways and product reviews coming up here shortly, so be sure to check back in with me. Until then...

XOXO Reese

Breastfeeding in Public: Do You Do It?

I am an avid enthusiast of breastfeeding. I'm not quite among the ranks of the "breastfeed or die" ladies, but I'm pretty big on it. Jasmine was breastfed for the first 14 months of her life. It was a bit of a tumultuous journey for both of us us. I can't tell you how many nights I laid awake sobbing, "I can't do this!" in the beginning, but we made it through.

On those rare occasions that we were out and about and the munchkin got hungry, I would typically head back to my car and just sit in the backseat to feed her. Mostly because it was actually more comfy for both of us. But there were a few times that I did feed her in public. I always did it in a low traffic area, with a cover-up, because I'm still a bit on the modest side. But that's just me.

Having been a breastfeeding momma, I have nothing against mothers breastfeeding in public. If I have any input at all (which I really don't because it's a personal decision) I would just say, be a bit modest about it. Let's face it, as beautiful and wonderful of an experience as breastfeeding is, not everyone wants/needs to see "the girls".  And let me clarify, by modest I don't mean that you always have to use a blanket, because in the summer months it can get to be a bit hot under there, besides some babies (mine included) are squirmers. What I mean by modest is not, overtly popping the girls out and leaving them hanging out for all to see while you burp, change, and play with your little one.

Every momma I have seen breastfeeding in public so far has been modest, and that's what makes it beautiful. When you're respectful to to other people, people tend to return that kindness and grant you respect as well. Well at least they should be. Unfortunately I found out that's not always the case...

Anyhow this weekend James, Jasmine and I had a family day at the mall.  While I went off in search for the perfect hair accessories to go with my adorable new Liz Claiborne sweater, James decided to walk Jasmine around for a while to tire her out. After a pretty successful trip to Forever 21, I decided to sit down at the food court for a minute to give my tired legs a break while I was waiting for my hunnies to return.

That's when I noticed the woman off to the side, with a blanket thrown over her shoulder. I looked a bit closer and realized that there were a pair of adorable chubby little feet peaking out from beneath the blanket. When the momma looked my way, I gave her a smile and head nod, as if to say "you go girl." She gave me a quick smile back and continued on about her business.

Then I heard the conversation taking place next to me by two ladies in their mid-to-late 20's.

Ignorant lady number 1: "Ewww is that lady doing what I think she's doing?"
Ignorant lady number 2:"She is! That is so nasty! I'm trying to eat!"
Ignorant lady number 1: "Geeze there's a bathroom right there."

At this point, I glanced back at the momma to see if perhaps she had just taken off the blanket, whipped off her top and decided to pop out both of the girls to let the baby decide which one he wanted. Because obviously she had done something pretty horrific to offend these ladies.

Nope, she was still quietly feeding her child with her blanket still in place.

The ignorant ladies off to my side continued their discussion about how unsanitary that was. I finally had enough and swiftly gathered up my belongings and marched right up to the breastfeeding momma gave her another smile and said "Good for you. I breastfed my daughter for 14 months." Then I asked her how old her baby was. She told me 4 months. We had a brief conversation and as I turned to leave, she said "Thank you."

Apparently she had overheard that entire conversation taking place between the two obnoxious ladies next to me. I gave her another smile as if to say "you're welcome" and headed out of the food court, but not before passing by the two ignorant ladies who were still sitting there refusing to make eye-contact with me. When they finally did look at me, I gave them my sweetiest smile, and wished them both a good day.

I could feel their eyes boring into my back as I walked away. Silently trying to figure out what I said to the breastfeeding momma. Had I ratted them out? Had she heard them? It gives me a perverse sense of pleasure to know that somewhere in Charlotte, North Carolina those two ladies are still trying to figure it out.

So my question to you ladies today is not a new one. It's been asked millions of times before. Even so, I ask you today, what are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public? Have you done it before? How did people react? Is there any advice that you would give a new breastfeeding momma. Sound off in the comment section below.

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 XOXO Reese

Redbox: Free Movie Rental Codes

We all know I’m a big fan of freebies. That’s why when my awesomely frugal best friend clued me in to the promo codes for free rentals at Redbox, I was super ecstatic. However, if you guys are anything like me, I have to stress, be sure to turn the movies in the next day, or you will get charged. Which sucks.

Without further ado, here are the promo codes that work anywhere. But beware you can only use the codes once per credit card, so be sure to save it for something you really want (like say for instance The Avengers ::wink:wink::)


Now here’s where it gets a bit more complicated. There are other codes circulating; however they can only be used at certain Redbox locations. 

DVDATSONI : Can be used at the kiosks at the Sonic Drive-In
DVDATWAG : Can be used at the kiosks outside of Walgreens
WALGREENS: Can be used at the kiosks outside of Walgreens

So, go out and enjoy your free rentals before Redbox begins to understand the implications of promo codes and the wide-reaching arms of the internet. Please let me know if any of the code on the list don't work. I haven't had a chance to use them all yet.

Anyhow,  from what I hear a cold front is moving in, so this will be the perfect time to test out my delicious hot coco recipe and curl up on the couch with your sweetie and a few free redbox rentals. 


Photo cred:
XOXO Reese

Autumn is in the Air

 It's no secret that I love fall. The cool crisp air. The changing colors of the leaves. The delicious smell of a warm sweet potato pie baking in the oven. It makes me deliriously happy.

I've been on pintrest lately pinning away little cute ideas for this upcoming fall. Here are a few great ideas/recipes that I would love to share with you guys.



P.S. Please excuse me extreme lack of posting this week. I've been a bit under the weather and have been trying to follow doctor's orders and get plenty of rest. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal around here.

 XOXO Reese