Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear Arthur Murry Dance Studio,
I never would have imagined that taking dance lessons with you guys would be this great! You guys have this amazing ability to not only give great lessons, but to do it in a way that brings couples even closer. Your instructors in the Charlotte region are top notch. Keep up the good work!

Dear Weekend,
Oh how I've missed you! This week has been so incredibly hectic. I have so many amazing plans for you. My pinterest activity as of late has been off the charts, and my brain is overflowing with tons of ideas. Plus I've rented The Avengers, and Snow White and The Huntsman from redbox, stocked up on Nestle Toll House cookies, and have a nice bottle of wine in the refrigerator. I'm so ready to get my weekend started off the right way, with a Chris Hemsworth movie drool-athon.

Dear Bloggy Friends,
You guys are so awesome. I enjoy the comments, tweets, facebook love and messages. I have some great plans for you guys next week.

Dear Next Week,
Please be as awesome as this one!

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XOXO Reese



  1. That is so awesome you are taking dance lessons- that is something I have always wanted to do with my honey!

  2. Exactly what Shay said!!! I wish I could talk my husband into doing one!


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