My Weekend Waldo Impersonation

My Weekend Waldo Impersonation

As you may have gathered from a few of my previous posts, this past weekend was jam packed with events and activities. On Friday, James and I attended another private dance lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. This time, we learned how to cha-cha, and brushed up on our Waltz, Salsa and Swing. We even managed to sneak in a bit of Tango. Then after our lesson, we hung around for the monthly dance social so that we could show-off have some more fun on the dance floor. It was such a blast.

What I thought we looked like...

What we really looked like.
 Even though I'm not being paid in any way to promote the studio, I feel that I should tell you that Arthur Murray does offer a free private lesson for first-time students, so swing by their website and check it out. It makes a seriously fun date night.

Saturday morning, I woke up, drank more coffee than is probably recommended, put on more pink than a sane person should, and danced and partied at the 1st Annual Ja'Makin Me Fitness Jam. This wonderful event was put together to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. We rocked it out so hard we literally stopped traffic a few times (It was an outdoor event). Shameless plug number two: If you ever happen to be in the Charlotte area, and you want to jam with an amazing group of ladies, swing by Ja'Makin Me Dance Fitness Studio. You will NOT regret it.

My Team Tata's Shirt

Eat More Chicken!
After the Jam, I rushed home and did the whole shower/change of wardrobe thing so fast it would have made Clark Kent jealous. You know, if he weren't a fictional character. Then I rushed off to Babies-R-Us, where I got a chance to attend my first blogger event hosted by Graco (expect a separate post on this soon)

It was great meeting a few of my fellow Charlotte bloggers. In fact we've all already exchanged info and are stalking each other via blog/facebook and twitter. Hopefully soon we'll all get a chance to get together and meet up again. Be sure to check them out, they're both great ladies. You can find them at: Everyday in Stilettos & Cluttered Genius

Sunday rolled around and found me curled up in the fetal position. Apparently spending two hours in the unusually hot for this time of year, Charlotte weather, shaking what my momma gave me, left me feeling as if a truck had run over me. Twice.

Still I fixed a massive breakfast for the entire family. Grits, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, turkey bacon (for those who are actually attempting to live past 35-which apparently is only me) regular bacon, biscuits, and about two pots of coffee. Then I patiently waited until everyone was corralled out of the apartment and headed to the Panther's game before I collapsed back into bed in an effort to catch up on some sheep counting. Which was, of course, thwarted by James' insanely loud ringtone, Jasmine's incessant whining (a new phase) and our neighbors sudden urge to test out their new surround sound system. *Awesome*

Later that evening after saying goodbye to my parents, the rest of us tried out this new German restaurant called Waldhorn. Having spent over five years of my life in Germany, I can tell you that was not authentic German food. But they had great customer service so that sort of dulled the intense disappointment that I felt. James' parents took off after that and we headed back to the apartment.

Monday morning I woke up (after 2.5 hours of sleep) at the butt-crack, of the butt-crack of dawn (5 a.m.) and headed out the the Charlotte Country Club for the 2012 Cadillac Golf Tournament. The event went flawlessly. Expect tons of photos once I get my hands on them. I'm now even more determined than ever to make sure that next years event is even better than this year.

Afterwards a bunch of us ladies hit up a restaurant and had a smorgasbord of appetizers and beer. Not a bad way to end the day. Once I got home (at 8:30) I decided to close my eyes for an hour, before hitting the books for my major exam the next day. I spent then entire night/morning cramming everything I had learned in the past month about Rhetorical Theory into my head, and by the grace of God (and Starbucks) I walked into that classroom and managed to get a 98 on that test.

That was my weekend. I've decided that Jasmine and I are going to spend the entire weekend in our pjs in bed recovering from last weekend. So what are your weekend plans???

XOXO Reese


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