Why I Choose to Take My Daughter Trick-or-Treating

Why I Choose to Take My Daughter Trick-or-Treating

When I was a child, I dreamed that I would grow up to be an astronaut/model and that I would live in a castle with my pet unicorn. Flash forward 20 years later; I am neither of those things, and I certainly don't have a pet unicorn, (or live in a castle for that matter). I'm pretty sure at the time that I was making these elaborate plans, my parents were laughing to themselves, but they never laughed at me. No matter how outrageous my fantasy's were, they still allowed me to dream.

To me, Halloween is about dreaming. I see little girls dressing as princesses and fairies, and little boys dressed as superheros and dinosaurs. It makes me smile. It makes me feel like a kid again. For one day out of the year, I'm allowed to enjoy the feeling of being young and not having to worry about bills, the state of the economy, or who did better during the presidential debate on foreign policy.

There's a lot I won't be able to protect my daughter from when she gets older. That much is certain. As most of us can attest from personal experience, the world is sometimes a cruel place. But, it is also a beautiful place. A place were little boys and girls have the ability to dream. And dream big. Even if it's for only one night out of the year, I want my daughter to be able to dream big. I want her to enjoy being young for as long as she can.

The next time you're around a happy kid, pay attention. I mean really look at them. They're not worried about anything. They throw their whole selves into that one moment. It's contagious. And amazing to witness. Sometimes I wish more adults had that ability. So, as silly as Halloween may be to you, to a child, it's a magical day where Princesses and Superheros are real, and dreams, no matter how extravagant, are always possible. That is why I choose to take my daughter trick-or-treating.

What about you? Are you for or against letting your kiddos celebrate Halloween? Why or why not?

XOXO Reese


  1. Absolutely I am going to take my little girl trick or treating! She's only 2 so it will be a short outing but she's so excited about putting on her costume and going trick or treating that I can't imagine not taking her!

    1. LOL, it's such an exciting time for the kiddos :) Make sure you take lots of pictures!!

  2. As a kid, I always loved trick-or-treating. It's so nice that you are spending quality time with your child.


  3. I don't have a little one. But I love Halloween. I still dress up. So when that time comes - YOU BET!

  4. Guess this topic's a popular one today! =) We were just in the mall over the weekend and I said the same thing to my husband-- "I love how children are SO carefree! They don't care who's watching them or what other people will think. They just express themselves freely." What a blessing to be a kid! You already know my opinion, since you read my post.. but I agree-- who wouldn't wanna collect candy? =) If we do end up taking our daughter trick or treating, it's not gonna be in our neighborhood, that's for sure. We'll be heading where they give out the best candy! =)

    1. This was a popular topic when I was a little girl as well :) I think Halloween is one of those days that will always be a bit controversial. I tend to avoid calling it a holiday, because when I think of a holiday, I think of Easter or Christmas and it just doesn't seem right to put it into that category. I simply just think of it as an excuse to eat lots of candy and wear a silly costume. And now, I get to share all that with my daughter. Thanks for coming by to check out my post :)

  5. I loved Halloween with my sons when they were younger!

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