Hurricane Sandy Relief: How You Can Help

Hurricane Sandy Relief: How You Can Help

Now that the political crazieness has somewhat subsided on Facebook and Twitter, I think that people are finally beginning to (hopefully) focus on other things; namely, the destruction that Hurricane Sandy has left in her wake.

I'll be the first to admit that for the past few weeks I've been so hell-bent on avoiding anything related to politics that I haven't watched cable television for the past month or so. A few days ago I just happened to catch  a special on The Weather Channel about Hurricane Sandy, and although I've been keeping up with news concerning the hurricane via internet and NPR, photographs and radio interviews just don't tell the real story. Not even close.

What I saw devastated me. It shook me to the core to think that while people were busy hurtling insults at each other for their political beliefs, from the comfort of their warm, cozy homes, others were struggling to stay warm in the reminents of their demolished homes. Their homes that held once held memories of joy, laughter and hope. Gone. Can you imagine that? How horrible it would feel to have everything you had ever known destroyed in a matter of hours?

A few days ago, a dear friend of mine began sending out facebook messages to let everyone know that she and her hubby were renting two trucks and loading them up with everything they could spare to take up North. How amazing is that? What's even more amazing is the response she received. In mere days her garage was packed beyond capacity with donations for the victims.

Kathy: Pictured on right. How amazing is this lady??

Yesterday, I finally got myself into gear and used my coupon savvy for good. I went shopping and  managed to snag a few tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, floss, toilet paper, feminine products, and a couple cans of soup and Ramen. All for about $7. And luckily, I still had a few of Jasmines winter outfits from last year, along with crib sheets, blankets, swaddles, and even a brand new 7-piece crib set that had never been used.

I'd originally intended to sell all of Jasmines old clothes to Once Upon A Child so that I would have money for Christmas this year, but at the end of the day, we have a roof over our head and food in our bellies. There are thousands of people who don't have that luxury. Besides, Jasmine is too young to realize that she's not getting a bunch of overpriced toys that she'll only play with once anyway, and James and I decided that we wouldn't even worry about exchanging gifts. They'll be a time and place for that, and now isn't the time. Too many others are in desperate need of help.
So what can you do to help?
Donate Supplies
Do what I did, find a place locally that are collecting donations. They are in need of everything imaginable, so if you can't donate money, donate clothing, toys, blankets, silverware, furniture, and all the things that you've been meaning to drop off at Good Will. If you do have a couple of dollars to donate, donate gift cards to the people driving up to help with relief efforts. These are normal, everyday people who are doing extraordinary things for strangers. Let them know we have their backs.

Donate to the Red Cross
They have been desperately trying to reach out to people to get donations. Here's how you can reach them: Visit their Hurricane Sandy Relief Website here, or contact them by phone at 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Ad Space
A number of bloggers, myself included, are giving away a certain percentage of their ad sales to hurricane relief.  Here a blogger who's doing just that:

Our Knight Life 

Also, if your interested in displaying a Red Cross Donation banner similar to the one I have, click here for more dets. If you're a blogger and you are donating your ad space sales to hurricane relief, please contact me at and I will add your name to the list.

As more opportunities to give become available, I will keep you guys updated, so please keep coming back and checking.  Remember, all politics aside, these people are your neighbors, and nothing is promised. Who knows, the next time disaster strikes, you may be the one in need of a helping hand. 

XOXO Reese


  1. I've seen a couple offering ad space to donate. I would like to put a care package together.

    1. Please let me know if you do, I would like to get something started. I'm thinking about hosting a Hurricane Sandy Donation Link Up. Do you think you may be interested in participating?

  2. I'm working on making a few blankets and donating items from my Etsy shop. I actually had family and friends that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. So, for me this is really personal and hits close to home.

    I'm so happy to see all of the outpouring of kindness and support.

    1. That's awesome what you're doing! I'm sorry your friends and family got caught up in this Hurricane madness. They'll be in my prayers.

      I'm trying to get a Hurricane Relief link-up going. Do you think you may be interested in participating?



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