BzzAgent Review: Green Mountain Wellness Collection

BzzAgent Review: Green Mountain Wellness Collection

It's no secret that I'm a coffee addict. Immediately after waking up I make a beeline to the kitchen to indulge in my first cup of caffeinated heaven. By the time I've finished getting dressed and ready for the day, I've typically already consumed at least two cups. So when I was given the opportunity to test out the new Green Mountain Coffee Wellness Collection, I jumped. Fast.

Luckily enough, my friends over at thought I was a great fit for this campaign and decided to hook me up with some yummy goodies from Green Mountain.

As a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur I like to believe that I have quite an extensive knowledge of coffee. I've sipped and stirred my way through every tasty beverage at Starbucks and nearly every local cafe Charlotte has to offer, but I was pleasantly surprised at how the new Wellness Collection matched up to it's competitors. Not only is it delicious, but it also has a few health benefits that you tend to miss out on with regular coffee.

The two blends I tried out were the antioxidant (which as you may know, has been shown to drastically reduce the risk of cancer), and the focus blend (which I wisely chose to wait until finals weeks to test out).

I was a bit surprised at how yummy they tasted even with additional vitamins. The focus blend coffee actually contains 50mg of L-Theanine in every 8 fl. oz. If you're like me and are completely unaware of what exactly that is, rest assured I did a bit of research myself. Theanine has been shown to not only boost the body's immune system response to infection, but also has been shown to promote alpha wave production in the brain. And that's only a few of it's many benefits.

Typically when I test out products, it's pretty cut-and-dried, but this campaign required a bit more time as I wanted to accurately record my body's response to the coffee. Overall I didn't notice much of a change right away, but after a week I definitely started to feel more relaxed and seemed to focus better. In a way I suppose I owe Green Mountain a huge thanks for helping me ace my finals. So thanks guys!

I definitely wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Green Mountain Wellness Collection to my friends and family. The only warning I will give is that it can get a bit pricey. Especially if you don't already own a Keurig coffee maker. However, if you get your hands on some coupons and wait until it's on sale to stock up, you can snag a pretty sweet deal.

So if you guys do decide to give it a shot, let me know what you thought of it!

 Until next time. 
Happy Sipping
 XOXO Reese
 * I was compensated with free Green Mountain Coffee  products for writing this review, however this in no way affected my ability to write an accurate and unbiased review for this product.

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