When Words Aren't Enough.

When Words Aren't Enough.

When James walked into the apartment this evening, I was sitting on the couch with Jasmine in my arms and tears in my eyes. Her sweet little head was nestled against my chest. Her arms wrapped around my neck. It's almost as if she knew something was wrong; that mommy was shaken to her very core. We had been locked in that embrace for over 15 minutes.

By now you've all heard about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. I don't even know all the details. James turned on the news briefly and I started crying so hard that he turned off the television. I tried sleeping, but my dreams were filled with images of innocent children being slaughtered. My daughter. My daughters friends. It could have been her. It could have been them. As a parent, as a human being, it is unfathomable.

So tonight the only advice I have is probably a conclusion that you've already arrived at yourself. Hug your babies close and pray hard. As beautiful as life is, it can be just as tragic. No one is promised tomorrow, so you make sure that today and every day you tell those who are important to you just how much you love them.

And please, please pray for the families who lost their children in this senseless shooting. They are feeling loss and pain that just cannot be put into words.

  XOXO Reese


  1. I am so upset with the tragedy in CT. For me, I just don't even know what to think or do about this. So upsetting. Hug our babies tight.

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  2. Its amazing how much comfort can be found in a hug. Especially from our children.

  3. A beautiful message. I am hugging Reagan especially close these days.

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  4. I found you on the bloghop and wanted to invite you to join the Bloggers for Sandy Hook movement.

    I was touched by this post and think it is important we show support for that community.


    Now following,


    p.s. your daughter is gorgeous!

  5. This has been one of the hardest weeks for me and my kids are safe...Thanks for sharing


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