Cha Cha Changes

Cha Cha Changes

So you guys may or may not have noticed the lack of thoughtful posts from me lately. There are two three reasons for this:

(1) Classes have resumed so I'm back in school full-time
(2) I've been designing a new layout for my blog. This is my very first design so I'm being ultra picky.
(3) I'm prepping everything for my blog-o-versary celebration next week.

If you guys will hang in there a bit longer, I promise to have some awesome posts and giveaways coming your way in the next few weeks. Until then I'm keeping it like my munchkin, short and sweet.

XOXO Reese


  1. understandable!

    well, looking forward to more posts and congrats on your blogging anniversary! oh, and can't wait to see the new design. i change mine all the time because i'm picky, too, but i think i finally, finally found something that i like!


  2. Hope all is going well with the classes thus far and can't wait for the new design to debut.

  3. See you soon :) found you on GlamHungryMoms blog hop.

    Beautiful little girl

    - mirnita


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