Reflections and Resolutions

Reflections and Resolutions

Endings can sometimes be a bit depressing. However, in a sense every ending is just simply a beginning.  As I close the final chapter on 2012, I realize how amazing it's been. I began the year not knowing what to expect. Wondering whether I would ever get the hang of motherhood.  Wondering how I would manage juggle everything and still manage to retain my sanity. Wondering if I would be "good" enough.

Each month brought a new challenge. A new challenge that was seemingly impossible to overcome. And yet, still, I rose to the occasion. In fact, I kick the occasion in the ass a few times. I can't take all the credit though. James has been really amazing this year. Watching him grow as a father, knowing that he will move heaven and earth to ensure that Jasmine is always taken care of, it's enough to bring tears to my eyes. Especially when I think of all the little girls that aren't quite as lucky. I wake up every day thanking God that my daughter is. That I am.

With self-reflection comes the realization that perhaps some changes can be made. Though I'm typically not one for creating a list of resolutions, I've decided to give it a go this year. The wonderful thing about blogging is that it surrounds you with wonderful people that will hold you accountable. I'm counting on you guys to help keep me on track. So, here's my list:

Be a Giver
Not to many will argue that we are constantly surrounded by tragedy and sadness.  That's why now, more than ever, it's important to focus on kindness. Regardless of what we see on the news, compassionate people do exist. This year, I would like to put more of an emphasis on giving. I want to be one of those compassionate people that inspires others to give. I want to inspire my daughter to give.

Read Finnegans Wake

If you've never heard of Finnegans Wake, rest assured you are not alone. Finnegans Wake is supposedly the most difficult book in the English language. I figure if I can get though this, I'll be able to get through anything.

Begin Working on my Book
Like most of you wonderful people in the blogosphere, I've always had a passion for the written word (hence my desire to finish Finnegans Wake).  I suppose my passion is directly correlated to my Dad making me copy the dictionary whenever I got in trouble as a child. Ten years from now when I become a best selling author (fingers crossed) I'll know who to thank.

 It seems as though I have been in college FOR-EVER. Seriously guys, it's ridiculous. But at the same time, I'm actually pretty happy that I'm a few years older than the typical college student. With age comes a desire to learn.  While I sit amongst the crowds of students who are too busy texting to pay attention to lecture, and have a seemingly endless list of excuses as to why they didn't have time to study (despite the fact that they just spent the weekend dropping in low in the middle of the club) I'm grateful that I know my career goals and am actively working to meet them. Still, in order to make strides in my career, I have to finish my final few semesters.

Run a 10k
When I first began training for the Color Run back in July, I'll admit, I never actually thought I would be able to run the whole thing without stopping. On day one I had already come up with a list of excuses.

"I was just too busy"
"My knees hurt."
"I didn't have a babysitter."

I began to notice that each week my list of excuses shrank a bit more. It seemed as if with every stride, my body compelled me to be better. To run further. Harder. When I crossed that finish line I realized that it wasn't even about the race. It was about life. I needed to understand that I could do it. Now that I know what I'm capable of, I want to go further. And I will.

Be a Better Mother
Now before you go dialing CPS, I'm not saying that I'm a terrible mother. Sure I occasionally mistakenly put mismatched socks on Jasmine, but I definitely don't think that I'm in the running for the "Worst Mother of the Year" award.

What I mean by "be a better mother" is simply just spending more quality time with Jasmine. And that while I'm spending that time with my Bean, I'm not sweating the small stuff. If it's one thing that the incident at Sandy Hook has reminded all of us, it's that life is too short, and children are too precious to not savor every waking moment with. Kids break things. They do things they know they're not suppose to. They ignore you when you ask them to do something. It's not intentional (for the most part). They are still learning. Learn with them.
I'm looking forward to seeing what this year will bring. Whatever it may be, I have no doubt that my family will continue to move forward. I wish all of you a very prosperous year as well. Though we may be surrounded by dark times, we don't have to be dark people. Smile more, laugh often, and above all enjoy life. Happy New Year everyone. Remember...

Until next time.

  XOXO Reese
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  1. What a thoughtful piece you've written here, Reese. I hope you achieve everything you hope to.

    1. Thanks Karen! Sending happy thoughts for a wonderful year your way :)


  2. I have heard of Finnegan's Wake but didn't realize it was the hardest book to read...I thought that was the Odyssey! (I haven't read either). I've always wanted to be a writer too - what is your book going to be about? can't wait to hear about your 10K! good luck with all of your goals!

    1. I actually re-read the Odyssey a few years back. It was a tough read, but a rewarding experience in the end just knowing I'd read it again, considering the first time I read it I was in high school and was too busy staring at my crush to pay attention to it.

      I'm not sure exactly what my book will be about. I just know my main character will be bi-racial. My daughter, of course, is quite mixed and so far I haven't been able to find any popular books for mixed kids. I don't want her to grow up neglecting one side of her heritage, so I'm going to rectify that. Even if it's just self published, I wan't it to be out there.

      I know of a few self-publishing companies if you're interested. As my mama always said " nothing beats a failure but a try." Give it a go. Imagine if J.K Rowling hadn't written Harry Potter?

      Happy new year dear :)

  3. Hi I found you on the Blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute. have a great week. :)

  4. I'm loving you're goals. I hope you do well with them all and have an amazing 2013!


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