The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

I probably should have realized something was amiss earlier today when both of my professor canceled class, but alas, in my eager attempts to consume as much knowledge as possible, I heeded little warning and headed straight into the storm. Literally.

If you are a fellow North Carolinian, then you know the weather has been a bit bi-polar as of late. Three days ago it was 77 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Today, it was 41 degrees, with Hulk like wind gusts up to 30mph. Oh yeah, and we're under a winter storm advisory.

You guys have seen The Perfect Storm right? If not, then please, allow me to set the scene for you...

Yeah it was just like that today. Only there was no boat, and unfortunately no George Clooney.

As I'm sure my fellow UNCC brothers and sisters did, when I found out classes had been canceled, I headed to the library to get ahead in my reading. (Yes, that was sarcasm, in case you missed it). After a few hours of light reading, I began to notice that the library was pretty deserted. So I decided to pack it up and head home to continue my studies.

I stepped outside and was immediately greeted with, what at the time, I believed to be tiny pieces of shrapnel flying at my face. I later found out that it was only rain. After attempting to turn my usual 10 minute trek across campus into a 2 minute trek (with little avail thanks to the Hulk like wind gusts) I briefly holed up in the Fretwell building, trading storm stories with the other poor souls seeking shelter.

After a few more minutes I headed back into the storm. As I stepped back into the fray, I immediately heard an ominous crack coming from my umbrella. I looked up in fear, and realized that the sheer force of the wind had snapped a spoke on my IKEA umbrella. Still, I pressed forward hoping that I could make it to my car in time. Seconds later, another gust finished the job and twisted my beloved umbrella as if it were no more than a pretzel. 

Like most neurotic, over-prepared type A's, I had a backup umbrella...which unfortunately had been left in my car. So, there I was, umbrella less; defenseless against the elements and over 5 minutes away from the car. I then did what any self respecting woman in my position would do...

I ran.

Like the wind. 

In heels.

By the time I arrived at the car, my fingers were numb and I was completely soaked. And my poor IKEA umbrella, it definitely took one for the team.

IMAG0776_zpsf98d2d01 photo IMAG0776_zpsf98d2d01-1_zps7b596d0f.jpg
Poor guy. He went down fighting. 
Anyhow, I can definitely say that I learned some very valuable lessons today. Hard lessons that I feel obligated to share with you guys. Pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you. When two of your professors cancel class, in one day. 
Stay home. 
In bed. 
In your PJs. 

Here endth the lesson.

XOXO Reese


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    1. Which apparently sometimes works to my detriment lol.

  2. Good for you! I definitely would have been under my covers somewhere.

    1. I am now. Only there's not a cloud in the sky today. Figures...

  3. Ha ha, your poor umbrella! Found you on Clairejustine's bloghop BTW.

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  5. You're absolutely hilarious! And yes, the weather has been super crazy here! Uggh. I wish it would make up its mind!

    RIP dear umbrella. You did good.

  6. I've lost a few umbrellas when I lived in TN during tornado season... lol

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my post @


  7. Aww, poor IKEA umbrella, I'm sure it was well-loved. Your story was funny! I know it probably didn't seem funny at the time though.

  8. It's always good to learn something every single day... this was a biggie! :)

  9. Thanks for the lesson:) I'm a new follower.


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