Tired of Being A Bully: Review+Giveaway+Twitter Party

Tired of Being A Bully: Review+Giveaway+Twitter Party

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a dear friend of mine with an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. As you may remember, bullying is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Especially as a mother of a young daughter who will inevitably encounter this sort of behavior once she reaches school age.

The opportunity in question was the chance to review a brand new children's book called Tired of Being a Bully, by Dicy McCullough, which lays the foundation for understanding and coping with bullying. In this book, a young dog named Rocky encounters bullying when his new doggy neighbor moves in. As the story progresses, you understand why the bully, named Lucky, is so mean to Rocky.

For the past two weeks Jasmine has been absolutely enamored with this book. Which, as a mother, makes me both incredibly proud and extremely relieved that there is a book to help young children understand what bullying is, and where bullies come from.

This book is definitely a must have for parents who want their children to understand that most bullies become bullies because they've been dealt a bad hand, and as a result, are taking their frustrations out on other people.

The great news is that today, you'll have an opportunity to win your very own copy of Tired of Being a Bully! Awesome right? Be sure to check out the Rafflecopter widget below for all the dets for the giveaway. Also, be sure to join us Tuesday, April 2nd at 9:30 p.m. EST for a twitter party hosted by the lovely Lydia from Cluttered Genius. All night long we'll be chatting about bullying and giving away TONS of fun prizes. Swing by Cluttered Genius to RSVP. Get in soon because spots are filling up fast.

Join us! We’ll have Dicy McCullough @DicyMcCullough, Dr. G (Dr. Deborah Gilboa) @AskDocG, and Kelly Karius @KellyKarius as part of our panel along with my fabulous bloggy pals:

Greta @gfunkified of GFunkified
Rachel @rachhabs of To Hab and to Hold
Jeanae @jeanae of Waiting for Supermom
Shannon @ShannonMSander of Aries Mommy

See you on Tuesday night!

Until then, 

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  1. My definition of being a bully is when a person attempts to make another person feel small or unimportant or tries to make them feel fear by threatening them or by demeaning and belittling them.


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