5 Things You'll hear Me say While Driving

5 Things You'll hear Me say While Driving

I like to believe that I am an extremely patient and forgiving person. Back when I was in Elementary school (an undisclosed amount of years ago) I even won an award.  I suppose it was the schools attempt to get me to internalize that belief and then actively behave in a manner that was consistent with that belief. Suffice it to say, it worked. 

There are , however, exceptions to my patient demeanor. The most obvious being if someone were to endanger my daughters life. In which case, I will immediately transform into a maniac capable of pulling Liam Neeson moves on you in the blink of an eye.

On those rare increasingly more common occasions that people engage in the aforementioned risky behavior of  driving recklessly and endangering my daughters life, I will sometimes attempt to quell my intense anger (and need to ram my car into theirs repeatedly), by using words to better communicate my dislike for the situation. I suppose this is considerably less criminal than grabbing the golf club that I keep on the drivers side and going to town on their car when we get to a red light. James sure seems to think so.

Today, I would like to share with you guys some of the most common phrases and sentences you will hear me say while navigating through traffic in my tiny Reno. Of course I sometimes get pretty creative, but for the purposes of keeping the list short (and clean) I'm going to stick with the most basic phrases. Here you go:

1. "James, get the bail money ready, I'm going to jail."
2. "Don't do it, don't do it....awwww he did it."
3. " Look, I have had nearly enough coffee for this yet."
4.  "Seriously! Who taught you how to drive, Paris Hilton"!
5. "Awww com'on, my 90 year old great grandmother drive better than you"!

Of course these phrases are typically accompanied by a few hand gestures, but as you guys are all adults, I'm sure you have figured that out yourselves. So do you guys have any go to phrases and statements to communicate your anger when you're out and about driving with your munchkins??? What are some of the scareiest experiences you've had driving with your kiddos in the car?

 XOXO Reese
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  1. I have the worst road rage... I'll often cuss and scream. I'll point, throw my hands up, and even honk (unless I'm in Cincy - I ain't trying to get shot). I've even been guilty of brake-checking people. Granted I'm probably a bit biased about my driving skills but I honestly feel like most of the people on the road have no business being there! LOL.

    1. Totally agree Ashley! I thought the driving was bad in New Jersey, but then I moved to Charlotte. They're on a whole new level here...

  2. I hate when people ride my tail when I have my daughter in the car. It's as if they don't see the huge "CAUTION:BABY ON BOARD" sign that I have hanging in my back window. I've found myself saying the following phrases often while too navigating through traffic:
    1."Really, you sped out in front of me only to slow up traffic...RUDE!"
    2."If only I had a sack of rocks to take out your tail light!"
    3."Don't you even think about it...OH NO YOU DIDNT!!"
    4."Can you not read the speed limit?! cheese & rice!"

    ~ Osh
    SunKissed Peony

    1. LOL 1 and 3 all day!

      I've been known to drive 30 miles under the limit on a one lane road when people ride my tail. Hundreds of miles of open road and they literally have to drive two feet away from my tail pipe.

  3. After....4 years driving now, I'm still not a very confident driver. My husband doesn't like it when I drive when we're together, not because he doesn't trust my driving, but because I won't talk or chat with him while driving because I'm trying to concentrate on everything going on with the roads. So I don't think I ever talk to the other drivers when I'm actually driving. When I'm a passenger, though, I might feel relaxed enough to get offended by them. But yeah, normally I don't see myself as an angry person--but if anyone starts fussing with my family...

    1. OMG I am the same way! I didn't get my license until I was 20. I feel a little behind the curve, so I concentrate super hard while I'm driving, especially when Jasmine's in the car with me.

      Sometimes I feel like I'm driving with a target sign on my tiny little car. There's a running joke between James and I that I'm going to get a deuce and a half (http://bangshift.com/blog/cruise-night-gallery-the-mass-cruisers-association-bass-pro-shops-cruise-patriots-place-foxboro-mass.html) in order to encourage people not to run me off the road.

      I wonder if I could get it painted pink???


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