Crying, Bloggy Boot Camp and Other Announcements

Crying, Bloggy Boot Camp and Other Announcements

First and foremost I offer my most sincere apologies. I realize I haven't been quite as active as I once was on this little ole' blog here. Mostly this is because for the past four months I've been buried under an insane amount of homework/projects.

By the end of the day yesterday I felt like doing a combination of this: 

And this:

But mostly I just did this:

Seriously, the past two weeks alone I've had to write a 14 page page paper, take 3 tests, 2 quizzes, turn in a few additional hw assignments, work on two group projects (one of which involves designing a 20 page product recall manual), work on 4 very lengthy case studies, oh and keep up with my little munchkin. I seriously haven't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep in the past two weeks. It's brutal. But I suppose somewhere in the world someone's got it way harder than I could ever fathom, so I'm just going to turn down my whine-o-meter a bit and be thankful for what I have. Which is quite a bit.

Hopefully in a few short weeks when classes end I'll be doing this:

I can only hope.

In other news, I've mentioned this on twitter a few times, but I'll be attending Bloggy Boot Camp in May. I'm really excited and pleased to see that some of my bloggy buddies will be attending as well. Photoshoot anyone??? Seriously I'm going to be snapping so many shots and photobombing you guys so hard, that not only will I be blind by the end of the night, but you guys will be able to play Where's Waldo: Reese Edition when looking though recaps posts of Bloggy Boot Camp 13'. It's going to be ridiculous.

That said, if you're attending the Charlotte Bloggy Boot Camp, leave a comment below letting me know so we can link up once we get there. Also If you've attended a Bloggy Boot Camp before, or any other blogging conference, what should I expect? What should I bring? Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Until next time,

 XOXO Reese

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  1. You'll miss college once you graduate. Promise. LOL. I miss writing papers and stuff... maybe I'm weird though! APA was my biotch.

  2. Ugh. I can imagine just a little what that might be like. I was shocked this week when, while I was at school, Angel mopped the floors and fixed my car and did a whole bunch of useful stuff around the house. And then I realized it was because the semester ended and he doesn't have any more homework to do. Otherwise, all he does on his days off from his job is homework!


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