Wine it Out Wednesday

Wine it Out Wednesday

I like wine. A lot. I blame this entirely on my dad. As a teen, I was given the role of "wine girl" at family/friend gatherings. It was my job to make sure his glass was filled at all times. I took my job very seriously.

I kid, I kid. Before you guys go dialing CPS, it was a running joke between my dad and I.

My love of wine really evolved from watching how much others enjoyed it. While my college classmates were chugging beers and doing keg stands, I  was too busy being fascinated by wine to join in. Everything from the smell to the taste. It's tempting and delicious. It draws you in, and before you know it, you've gone though half the bottle.

I also think of wine as my own personal therapist. Had a rough day? Get a glass of wine. Had a fight with the mister? Get a class of wine. Kids driving you up the wall? Tuck kids into bed early, and get a glass of wine. Who needs an over priced counselor when you can stop by your local grocery store and stock up on relatively inexpensive therapy. (Thank you Harris Teeter).

Anyhow, to all of the mothers that have spent the day chasing around your half-clothed, screaming toddlers who have done every single thing you've asked them not to, this one's for you...

Now that you've had a few laughs, I wanted to share my favorite wine this month. Peter Lehmans Futures Shiraz.

This is a wonderful blend, and because it's so bold, it goes great with nearly everything; Beef, Lamb and even Pork Chops. A few weekends ago, I paired it up with a raspberry filled dark chocolate and it was delicious. I'm typically not a fan of dark chocolate, but it is such a great combination with Shiraz that it's the only way I'll eat it.

So what are your favorite wines? Vineyards? Funny ecard wine memes? Feel free to link it up in the comment section. 

Until next time,

XOXO Reese


  1. I'm a white wine girl myself. I really enjoy Chateau Ste. Michelle! I absolutely recommend it!

    Those memes totally cracked me up!

    P.S. I'm new here!

  2. The only wine I really like is moscato. Everything else I've tried has been way too bitter!

  3. LOL, these made me giggle. love the last one! Thank you for sharing at the hop my sweet bloggy friend xo

  4. I LOVE Rieslings! I can drink Relax's brand all day. I'm not sure that's a good thing. LOL!


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