How to Avoid A Vacation Wreck--Guest Post

How to Avoid A Vacation Wreck--Guest Post

Next up, I have the hilarious Rachel of Random Writing of Rachel (who is actually one of my favorite bloggers). Her side-splitting sense of humor and stories of the adventures with her husband Angel will have you chuckling all throughout the day (as you will soon find out). Along with her ability to crack event the most stoic and serious individuals, Rachel is a published author. (You can check out her book here). Today, she'll be sharing some of her vacation horror stories in hopes that you all manage to avoid some of her unfortunate vacation nightmares.

 Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm not very good at blog posts containing sage advice. I think it's most likely because I'm only a few years into the "being an adult" stage of life. Give me a ten more years and I'm sure I'll have plenty of advice. Feel free to visit The Random Writings of Rachel for large quantities of impractical blog posts. One subject that I can speak on, however, is vacations going awry. I've had a lot of experience in that area.

How to Avoid a Vacation Wreck
(Complete with surprisingly specific examples)

I've always believed that a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Here are a handful of situations it might be worth learning from, if you wish to have a vacation that goes according to plan:

This is what a flying brick can do to your vacation.

  • Do not allow your car to be hit by a flying brick while you're cruising along on a Minnesota highway.
  •  Do not borrow a relative's Buick for a road trip and allow the transmission to die in the middle of a busy intersection in downtown Chicago.
  • Do not go on your honeymoon and accidentally leave your purse (ID, cash, cards) under the bed at the B&B, and not realize that it's missing till you are home.
  • Do not blindly believe your GPS and allow it to take you 5 miles out of your way in search of a Panda Express, only to discover that if that mall ever had a Panda Express to begin with, it's long gone now.
  • Do not get so sick that you spend an entire day and night vomiting. (on that note, bring every possible kind of medicine with you.)
  • Do not leave for an 18 hour road trip to Texas and forget your wallet at home.
  • Do not spontaneously decide to go to a funny car race in Ohio because you've never heard of a funny car race before. And if you go, don't wear a dress and sit in the front row of the bleachers, not realizing till after you're deafened and covered in mud that everyone else is sitting at the back of the bleachers and is wearing safety glasses and earplugs.
And those are just the vacation wrecks from the short time I've been adult enough to take my own vacations. My childhood also contained many lessons in how not to vacation, one memorable lesson being:
  • Do not go tent camping in Yellowstone National Park with 6 small children and minimal blankets/sleeping bags/extra clothes on the 4th of July. Because as it turns out, it just might get below 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night and you will all be frozen.
Have you ever had a vacation wreck of your own? Tell me about it!


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    1. Yes, poor Rachel. lol, her car took one for the team ;)

  2. LOL! Great tips! I have so many vacation horror stories I wouldn't even know where to begin! Rachel, thank you so much for linking this up with the Humor Me! Blog Hop! :) Funny as always! :)

  3. I still don't get it... what's this vacation thing again? ;-) Seriously though, if I ever were allowed to go on such a thing I'd be the one forgetting the wallet at home...

  4. I definitely agree with your GPS "Don't". We trusted our GPS to get us to the nearest Ikea...we ended up in a different country with detours off the freeway for no reason at all (it directed us to take an exit and then get back on at the next one).

  5. These are great tips for avoiding a vacation disaster! I have heard so many horror stories, which is why it's so important to plan ahead.


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