DIY T-shirt Bracelets // Homemade Christmas 3

DIY T-shirt Bracelets // Homemade Christmas 3

Mom and Dad, if you're reading, know that this next tutorial was inspired out of your insistence at not being wasteful. Hi everyone, if you've been following along on my homemade Christmas craft tutorials, you'll notice during the first tutorial, I specifically requested that you keep the scraps left over from the t-shirt scarves.

Hopefully you listened because today, we will be making some quick, t-shirt scarves with the remaining scraps from our last project.

For these, all you will need is:

  • Old t-shirt scraps
  • Fabric glue
  • Rubber bands
First, you'll want to cut your t-shirts into about 12 in x 1 in wide strips. Don't worry about being exact or trimming the edges so they look good. Once you finish cutting your strips, just stretch the strips and they will curl under, giving them a finished look. Once you have three strips, tie a rubber band around one edge and find a place to anchor it down so you can braid the strips.

Once your finished braiding, place a rubber band at the opposite end and use fabric glue to glue the edges together.

Let that dry for a while, and then cut another few strips (about 6 in x 1 in) and glue down the edges so that the sides are even. next, wrap the strip around the bulge from gluing the two ends of the bracelet together. Glue the edge down.

Allow 1-2 hours to dry, and viola, you're done. Now you can admire your super inexpensive, funky little t-shirt bracelets.

Experiment with different colors and styles, and just have fun. These make great stocking stuffers or fun little gifts for your co-workers. This is the perfect Christmas craft if you're on a tight budget!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

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  1. I have few old shirt that the kids have outgrown. This will be a great craft to try with my daughter and recycle the shirts.


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