Confessions Pt II

Confessions Pt II

I confess, spell check has made me lazy.

I confess, my best memories have their own soundtrack. When Mr. A and I officially became a couple, "Slide" by GoGo Dolls was playing in my head.

I confess, I sometimes forget my actual name. The only person who calls me by my given name is James' s grandmother.

I confess,  I seriously believe my daughter is the most adorable child ever... Especially when she's asleep.

I confess, I secretly wish I were short. I look like a giant when I wear heels. I feel a bit like Godzilla taking a stroll through Tokyo.  Only I have no tail, and am considerably less scaly.

I confess, the amount of ice cream I eat is directly correlated to my mood. Rough day? Two scoops. Rough week? Three scoops. Rough month? Screw the scoops I'm eating straight from the carton.

I confess, if I could meet any person in the world it would be Oprah. Sorry Dali Lama, you guys are cool too, but it's Oprah...

So, who's up for some confessions? I would love to hear your deepest, darkest, most chocolate-filled desires. Leave me some confessional love in the comment section below.

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  1. I wish I was taller! I am only 5'2" and I wear heels for any kind of business event because I feel like people take taller people more seriously. Actually I believe that is proven by research. Luckily my daughter already has 5 inches on me!

  2. I feel ya an on the heels, I'm 5'7" almost 5'8" and feel like a giant when I wear anything other than flats, so depressing since I LOVE shoes, especially heels & wedges! Ice cream & chocolate are a must in this house, with 3 girls, my husband feels like he's always heading to get a sweet treat! Happy Monday!!!

  3. I confess that I enjoyed everyday of my blogging/social media unplug. I didn't miss any of it one bit.


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