Escape the Scrape with Crest Pro-Health: Review, Recap and Giveaway

Escape the Scrape with Crest Pro-Health: Review, Recap and Giveaway

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written in partnership with One2One Network and Crest Pro-Health. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

This past weekend I was invited back to my old stomping grounds in Charlotte for the opportunity to sit down with the one and only (and completely gorgeous) Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors to learn all about excellent dental and oral health. The event, which was sponsored by the Crest Pro-Health team was held during the Diva Dash, which only further highlighted point that good oral health contributes to your overall health. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must take care of your teeth!

Dr. Travis was kind enough to sit down with me and provide information about how good oral health and your overall heath are connected. He also answered a few of my questions regarding proper dental maintenance and since I believe that sharing is caring, here is some information about oral health that will help keep you happy and smiling this summer:

Good oral health care is your body's first and most natural line of defense against bacteria. By practicing proper oral care, you can drastically reduce the odds of getting sick. Scarily enough, bad oral health has also been show to increase the likelihood of a heart attack. It's important to realize that taking care of your oral health is just as important as proper diet and exercise.

For those of you who have small children who don't like to brush their teeth, try to find ways to make it fun. Dr. Travis gave me some EXCELLENT pointers, a few that I intend implement in my own home. Check out the graphic below for three useful tips to get your children more involved in maintaining good oral health habits.

When it comes to foods that promote good oral health, always try to "eat the rainbow." If you're like me and immediately assumed that "eating the rainbow" is an open invitation to chow down on some Skittles, let me assure you, it is not. Eating the rainbow simply means eating various colored fruits and vegetables. Eating the rainbow gives your body the nutrients it needs to maintain excellent oral health. Don't just stick to your favorites, shake it up a bit. You may be surprised at what you find.

And finally, but most importantly, Dr. Travis recommends that you consciously set out to improve and maintain your oral heath instead of just focusing on dental health. Oral health includes not only healthy teeth, but healthy gums. Both are needed to improve and maintain your overall health.

In addition to inviting me out to ogle interview Travis, Crest provided me with a bottle of their Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse. I had a few days leading up to the event to test out the rinse and it gets the grade. Here's why:
  • The only rinse that prevents tartar build-up and cavities
  • Rebuilds enamel
  • Helps freshen breath
  • Protects against surface stains
  • A healthy routine to help prevent cavities
As I said, it get's the grade. So much so that I've actually started to carry it around in my purse. Too much? I don't think so. I am not a fan of the dentist...
As a thank you for reading this post (and hopefully taking notes) I'm going to give you the opportunity to win your very own bottle of Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection and a Crest tote like I'm holding in the image above. To enter, follow the steps below on the Rafflecopter. The winner will be announced next Wednesday on the widget below. I will also send you an email so be sure to keep an eye out because you will have 48 hrs to respond before I draw again. Good luck and thanks for reading!


  1. We don't have toddlers but we could still use this! It's good for big kids too!

  2. Dr. Travis is so cute! For the most part my kids love brushing their teeth and that makes really happy as a parent. Moo is all about the mouthwashes these days. Every time she sees a bottle, she wants us to get it and try it. JJ hasn't completely grasped the mouthwash concept yet. Glad you had fun and sorry I missed you.

    1. He is gorgeous! Even more so in real life. And so tall. I'm 5'9 and I felt like a dwarf.

      Little J can be fickle about her teeth. Some days she likes to brush, but then some days she realized that brushing her teeth means going to bed so she puts up a fight. We haven't tried mouthwash with her yet. Is there a particular brand for toddlers?

      Thanks for stopping by and I hate that I missed you as well. One of these days...


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