Free Redbox Rental Codes: August 2014

Free Redbox Rental Codes: August 2014

The weekend is nearly here and I've got a few more Redbox freebie codes to help get you through the next few days. These codes expire soon, so please pay extra attention to the expiration dates. I received a few nasty-grams about the codes having expired in my last post, so I would just like to give a bit of forewarning, these codes expire QUICKLY. I do my best to include all dates, but sometimes that's just not possible.

Before heading off to a Redbox, I will typically write the codes down on a sheet of paper, that way if one code doesn't work, I can easily move on to the next. No muss, no fuss.

As always, if you find a code on the list that no longer works, please let me know and I will add an update to inform my readers that the code is no longer available.

(DVD) 3KGV9929- Expires 8/3/2014
(DVD) DVDNIGHT-Expires 8/102014
(GAME) GAMETIME- Expires 8/102014

Bonus: Like Redbox on Facebook and receive a free 1-night rental- Expires 12/31/2014
Bonus: Join the Redbox Text Club. You'll get a text every first Monday of every month with a  Redbox code for a free one-night Redbox rental.- Expires UNKNOWN

Enjoy your rentals, but most importantly enjoy your time with your family!

Until next time,

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