A Smoothie A Day + An Earth Fare Giveaway

A Smoothie A Day + An Earth Fare Giveaway

Five months, fourteen days, and three hours. That’s how long I’ve been away. I wish I could say that in my absence I discovered the cure to cancer, or scaled Manchu Picchu. Truthfully, in my time away, I haven’t done anything nearly that dramatic, or lifesaving. Mostly I’ve been trying to find a way to juggle motherhood, relationships, work and life, with an emphasis on the later.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post a few weeks back about my job. It’s pretty amazing how quickly my role has grown in the year that I’ve been with this company. When I initially began, I was clocking an average of 10 hours a week. Flash forward one year and I’m averaging 30-40 hours a week, and as of last month, I’m managing my own little team.

It’s been a crazy-beautiful-hectic journey to say the least. But for the better part of my hiatus from my blog, I’ve felt like something has been missing. Try as I may, it’s impossible to explain blogging to someone who isn’t a part of this community. I can’t explain the feeling of my fingers moving across my keyboard in that old familiar way. I can’t explain the feeling of leaving my comfort zone and baring my soul to the world. I certainly can’t describe the feeling that courses through my body as I read an email from a stranger who takes the time to tell me how comforting my words are.

I suppose humbled would be the appropriate word. I’m absolutely humbled that in my absence from this blog you guys have still allowed me to be part of your lives. I’ve got so much planned for you all in the coming months. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be kicking off my re-launch with a deliciously new one week series call A Smoothie A Day.

This summer I’m committing myself to getting myself in the best shape of my life. I’ve been an avid smoothie and juicer for the past year, but in the coming weeks I’m going to kick it up a notch. I hope you’ll all join me. As promised, I have another special gift for you all. Last week, I was lucky enough to go behind-the-scenes of the brand new Earth Fare in Morrisville, North Carolina. It was a wonderful and informative experience. A big part of my new health journey will revolve around finding foods that contain healthy, natural ingredients, and from what I’ve seen, Earth Fare has this in spades.

Because they’re so awesome, Earth Fare has agreed to give one of my lovely readers a $50 gift card. Come back tomorrow the first delicious smoothie of the week and a chance to win that gift card!
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