10 Educational Websites To Promote Summer Learning

10 Educational Websites To Promote Summer Learning

Educational websites for young children

No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks... 

Summer is officially in full swing. Now that your children are at home full-time, the dreaded summer slide has begun. Studies show that students who don't read, or participate in educational activities over a three month period are far more likely to have major set-backs at the beginning of the school year.

Today I'm sharing 10 educational websites dedicated to helping you and your kids defeat the dreaded summer-slide. These 10 kid friendly sites will keep your kids (and yourselves) learning all summer long!

All Ages

National Geographic
Dive into underwater adventures, or spend the day in the Serengeti. Another valuable learning resource, National Geographic is useful for children of ALL ages, even your "Littlest Learners." National Geographic is a great site to help build your children's interest in animals and travel.

PBS Kids 
From math focused games, to mind-boggling puzzles. PBS.org is designed to make learning fun. The best part about PBS Kids is that all ages are welcome. If you have a house full of toddlers, or a house full of pre-teens PBS Kids is the go-to site to make education a fun and rewarding experience.

Littlest Learners: Ages 1-6

Sesame Street
I grew up watching Sesame Street, and as the mother of a toddler, it's refreshing to see Sesame Street is still alive and kicking.  The Sesame Street website is designed for early learners, so this is a great site to start introducing your kids to at an early age. Your little learners can choose from hundreds of video clips and games to help them learn numbers, words, animal sounds, colors, shapes, rhymes and more. This is a great site to help get your children started on the road to success.

FunBrain Jr.
FunBrain Jr is designed to help your littlest learners develop math, literacy, and basic problem-solving skills at a young age. The site contains fun games, stories and printables that make learning an exciting adventure for your little ones.

Nick Jr.
If your little ones are fans of Bubble Guppies, Wonder Pets!, or Dora the Explorer, they'll love Nick Jr.com. Specifically designed to keep your little learners intrigued, Nick Jr. has full-length episodes of your child's favorite shoes, exciting learning games and so much more.

Middle Minds: Ages 6-10

Make me a Genius
This site is PERFECT for summer! Filled with exciting information about science projects, the solar system and electricity, Make Me A Genius is a great way to encourage your children to become more interested in science at a young age.

Spelling City
Is your kid falling behind in their reading and spelling? Spelling City is the perfect solution! Spelling city offers award-winning games and learning tools for vocabulary, spelling, writing and language art.

ABCYa is intended for kids in grades one through five. The site is composed of games and learning tools that incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills. Have upcoming plans for a family vacation? Take ABCYa on the road with you via their mobile tablet games.

Bigger Brains: Ages 10-17

Cool Math
"An amusement park of math and more," Cool Math is specifically designed for kids ages 13 and up, however, kids (and adults) of all ages can have a great time on this site.  Cool Math offers a variety of games and puzzled to help children learn the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The site even delves into some of the harder math topics such as fractions and money.

How Stuff Works
Now that your kids have graduated from Sesame Street and Nick Jr. How Stuff Works is a great site to keep them fascinated with the way, well, stuff works. The beauty of How Stuff Works, is that it doesn't focus on on particular area of interest, but instead, includes basically everything but the kitchen sink.


Keep your kids (and yourselves ) interested in learning this summer. It will pay off in the long-run when your child is cheerfully accepting scholarships to the top-notch college of their choice!

What are some of your go-to educational sites for your children? Share below in the comment section.

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