Movember: The One Important Checkup EVERY Guy Needs to Have

Movember: The One Important Checkup EVERY Guy Needs to Have

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Movember and the #LennoxMovember campaign, however, all thoughts and opinions are mine alone.  *The names have been changed in this story to respect the privacy of my friend and her family.

Three years ago my former co-worker and friend Sara* buried her husband. They had been married for 16 years and had two beautiful children.

Just let that sink in for one moment.

We often hear about these stories on the internet, or through a friend of a friend, but can you imagine how devastating it is to personally go through that type of loss?

For three years, I've watched Sara struggle to put together the pieces of her shattered life and try to move on. I've watched their children grow up way  too fast. They went from carefree and happy, to heartbroken and way too old for their young years. But that's what loss does. It's steals your youth.

Mark* passed away at the tender age of 43. He had prostate cancer. Mark was, by all accounts, a healthy guy. A year or so before his death, we actually all ran a 5k together. Mark finished about 10 minutes before Sara and I and spent the rest of the evening teasing us about our time. He did Crossfit a few times a week. He was even talking about signing up for a Triathlon. He was seemingly invincible. Until one day he wasn't

And that's the scariest kind of disease. The one that attacks no matter how healthy you are. No matter how many salads you eat or cigarettes you don't smoke.

A few weeks ago I told Sara that I was going to participate in spreading the word about Movember and the importance of men's health awareness. Because she is incredibly brave and self-less, she encouraged me to share Mark's story. And when I asked what kind of advice I should give, she immediately told me how important getting regular checkups are. Especially for men who are over the age of 40.

You see, Mark did everything he was suppose to do, ate everything he was suppose to, but he hated getting his checkups. And maybe there's a tiny possibility that if he had gone to his checkup, he would still be here with us. Maybe he would be here to see his kids graduate from high school. Maybe he would still be here to dance with his daughter at her wedding. And just maybe he would still be here to welcome his first grand baby into this world. We will never know.

This Movember I'm telling you guys how important it is to go to your regular health check-ups. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation:

" The PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen)test remains an important tool in the diagnostic process. Men over 40 should discuss PSA screening with their physicians to determine if and when PSA screening is right for them, based on health and family history factors, they differ from those of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)."

Prostate Cancer, like most every other form of cancer, is more easily treatable the earlier it is caught. This means taking the time to go to your regular checkups, and getting your prostate checked could possibly save your life.

Guys, it's important. Do not let shame or embarrassment get in the way of your health.

Want to get involved in the cause?

-Guys, use your mustache to start a conversation about men's health this Movember!

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- Finally, throughout the month, Lennox will be posting content on all of their social channels to
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  friends  and loved ones.

If you want to join the fight against preventable and detectable diseases and disorders in men, be sure to follow Lennox on Facebook and Twitter.

 Happy Movember! Be sure to tell a guy you know and love how important his health is this month and, every month!

Until next time,

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