12 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts ($10 or Less)

12 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts ($10 or Less)

Nothing says Christmas quite like a personal gift made for your loved ones. 

Our favorite Christmas tunes are playing on the radio nonstop, peppermint treats are on the shelves, and those mischievous Elves are popping up everywhere on our Facebook newsfeed. Christmas is nearly here. I'm counting down the days by sharing some of my favorite inexpensive DIY gifts. Not only are these gifts personal and creative, but they can all be made with $10 or less! Spend less time in the stores and more time with your loved ones this Holiday season!

Apple Pie Moonshine

This gift will give the recipient a nice little "pep" in their step. It's incredibly easy to make, only requires a few ingredients, and is perfect for guys and ladies.

Beer Coasters

Another incredibly easy gift that perfect for both guys and ladies. This one continues to be one of my most pinned DIY projects!

Tile Photo Magnets

These adorable little photo magnets are perfect for shutterbugs! 

T-Shirt Bracelets

Got a few leftover shirts you don't want or need? Turn them into these chic t-shirt bracelets.

Shredded T-Shirt Scarves

If you have leftover pieces of fabric from your t-shirt bracelets, this project will cost you nothing!

Glitter Makeup Brushes

This gift set is perfect for the makeup addict in your life!

Brick Bookends

These brick bookends can be made for about $7 and are the perfect personal gift for your favorite bookworm.

Jewelry Holder

Got a few dishes and pans you no longer want or use? Turn them into these fancy jewelry holders!

Mason Candy Jars

Fill it with candy, fill it with hot coco, fill it with punch. These mason jars can be tailored to fit any gift.

Holiday Chalkboard Plate

Give your home a festive look with this super simple festive holiday chalkboard plate, and while you're at it, give one away as a gift. 

Ornament Door Wreath

This is still one of my all-time favorite DIY projects. I had every one of the items needed for this chic little wreath already, so it was completely free for me to make. Still, I factored in how much it would cost to buy everything if you are starting from scratch.

Merry Christmas from my home to yours!

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  1. Ohhhh my goodness! Those mason jar candy jars are totally happening at my house!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm happy you've found it useful! Hopefully you get the chance to try one of these out this year!

  3. Very cute and creative ideas! #blmgirl

  4. Those photo magnets are too cute!!!! Love all these ideas!!!

  5. Sallie Mae does not play! These gift ideas certainly have come in handy!


  6. What fun ideas! Pinned for inspiration later. Thanks!

  7. These are all wonderful gift ideas! I need some new makeup brushes so I am putting it on my husband's Christmas list for me. The bracelets are great too for my nephews. Wonderful ideas!


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