20 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with your Family

20 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with your Family

Happy Black History Month friends!

I am admittedly a bit behind this month. My family and I are in the midst of a move so I've been a little bit less involved in Black History Month than I typically am by this point. So since I can't have a weekly lesson plan for you guys, I had some friends stop by to give me a hand. We've put together a list of more than 20 children's activities, crafts, reading lists, movie lists, talking points and more, for your reading and learning pleasure.

I know Black History Month is a touchy subject for some, but it is my sincerest hope that you take the time to enjoy these activities and assortment of facts about African Americans with your families this month, and every month throughout the year. Remember, even as adults, we're never too old to learn something new.

Please feel free to retweet on Twitter to share with friends of family or Repin on Pinterest for later! Black History Month is incredibly important, and yet often overlooked.  It only takes one moment to share these resources with others so that we can get our children excited about learning how African Americans have contributed to this country!


Crafts & Activities

I have A Dream Craft

Stop by and visit MJ of Fab Haute Mama for instructions on how to create this beautiful I have a dream garland. This craft is perfect for young children (and adults) who love arts and crafts!

Musical Activities for Black History Month

Set the tone for Black History Month with these fun (and upbeat) activities by Alieen of Mrs. Miracle's Music Room-- including a reading and music list for the musically inclined.

Jackie Robinson Craft

 Learn all about one of America's greatest sport's heroes-- Jackie Robinson. Visit Ellen at Cutting Tiny Bites for a wonderful tutorial AND Jackie Robinson reading list. 

Traffic Light Craft

Stop by and visit Ann of Doodles and Jots to learn how to put together this impressive Traffic Light Craft, while you're there, brush up on history about Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the stop light. 

MLK Jr. Egg Craft

Teach your children that we're all the same on the inside with this cute little craft idea from Blair of The Well Season Mom.

Free Black History Month Worksheet + Reading List

Check out my most recent freebie, a worksheet on notable Black icons for you to teach your children. Plus a reading list of all the notable figures discussed in the worksheet.

Books and Television

Black History Month: 7 Diverse Children's Books

Looking for some diverse books to include on your child's reading list? Adanna of Rattles and Heels has you covered. Check out her latest post on diverse books for school-aged children.

29 Picture Books for Black History Month

This list is perfect for babies, tots, and yes, even adults. Remember, you're never too old to learn. Drop by and visit Charnaie of Here Wee Read for 29 wonderfully engaging picture books for your kiddos this Black History Month.

6 Children's Books That Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

Check out my recent post with some great books to help introduce your children to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This list is perfect for children ages 1-10. 

Celebrating Black History Month: Pre-K3 to 5th Grade

Drop by and see MamaDemic for some great tools for introducing your pre-k- 5th graders to Black History Month. By using a combination of flash cards and books from this well devised list, you can get your children started at a young age.

20 Netflix Movies About Black History Month

From The Gabrielle Douglas story to The Watson's Go to Birmingham, this list has something for everyone to enjoy! You can check out this wonderful list by Raki of Outside of Box Mom.

The ABC's of Black History

Do your children know the ABC's of Black History? If not, this is a fun and engaging way to teach them all about some of our most important Black heroes.

Field Trips

10 African American Museum's for Black History Month 

Fancy a road trip? The lovely Joanna of JoanneE.com has you covered. Check out her list of 10 Museum's that celebrate Black History. This one is perfect for children AND adults!


Talking Point: Why I'm Teaching My Children that Color DOES Matter

 As difficult of a topic as it may be, Cynthia of Mrs. Wright Wrights explains why she chooses to teach her children that color DOES matter. Check out the wonderfully written post for possible talking points with your own children.

5 Things that Black Folks Fought for That We No Longer Do

Stop by and visit Sanna of Sanna Rants for an much needed discussion about things that African Americans fought for in the past, that we no longer celebrate today!

Why Black History Starts at Home

Drop by for a chat with Unscripted Motherhood about the importance of celebrating black history month in your home.

Travels Stories: Because of Them I Can

Take a journey to D.C. to visit some of the most historical landmarks with Barris Tourista, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Supreme Court.

Travel Stories: Brazil, Columbia & More


Let the lovely Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life dispel the notion that African American don't travel abroad. Check in with her this month for some fantastic travel stories and stunning photographs of some gorgeous Afro-Latino countries.

Stop by and visit with the fabulously well-traveled Roni of The Travel Guru as she shares some of her experiences traveling abroad as a woman of color.


  1. I definitely want to check out some more of the documentaries on Netflix. We've already seen the Gabby Douglas story twice and now Moo wants to start gymnastics. I'm so glad that she's being inspired while learning about our culture!

    1. I love Gabby! Such an inspiration for my daughter. I'm thinking about enrolling Little J as well.

      Thanks for reading. I hope you were able to find some creative ideas to help you celebrate Black History Month!

  2. Awesome list, Reese! Pinned and sharing! :)

    Thanks for including us!

    1. THANK YOU, and you are so welcome! Thanks for agreeing to be a part of this wrap-up :)

  3. What a great list of resources! My daughter is very interested in gymnastics right now, and I didn't know that the Gabby Douglas documentary was on Netflix. She'll love it!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I'm so happy you've found this useful!

  4. I'm glad that all that people get recognition and that today that old way of thinking is slowly fading. I grew up always hearing that color doesn't matter and I think that even though for most people does matter but deep in my heart I believe that none of that past should have happened in the first place. Humans are humans no matter what. But honestly I'm glad that we have a month to celebrate black history and that children learn and celebrate too! Love the books you chose!!!


    1. Thank so much for stopping by and taking the time to check out these lovely activities and educational ideas for BHM! The ladies who helped make this post are so uniquely talented and creative. I'm so happy you've found a great resource!

      And yes, humans are humans, no matter the color of our skin. This is something I've been instilling in my LO from day one <3

  5. These are fantastic ideas! I LOVE the egg cracking activity--What a great way to illustrate that we are all the same inside! <3

    1. Thank you! Make sure you stop by and visit The Seasoned Mom for the full tutorial! She's awesome :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these resources. I'm white, my children are Hispanic and have never been to the US - I've been struggling to teach them the intricacies of race in the US as we prepare to move there.

  7. This is a great article with fun ideas.

  8. Love this list! We used to do a similar egg activity when I taught and the Rosa Parks book If a Bus Could Talk is so good!


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