Things I'm Loving Lately: March 2016

Things I'm Loving Lately: March 2016

Whew, it's been a a whirlwind of a year! If you follow me on Instagram, by now you likely know my family and I have relocated back the the Queen City. (Sorry Raleigh, it was fun, but Charlotte is home.) Last summer, amidst the craziness, I took a promotion at work that made it difficult for me to post as consistently as I had been when I first started blogging. So while I may not be a full-time blogger, I have no plans of leaving my space anytime soon. Just in case you were wondering.

It's been a long time since I've done a Things I'm Loving Lately post, so brace yourselves, I've been loving a lot of things lately!

Okay, so it's not so much a things as it is a feeling, but I've been lusting to wander somewhere lately. And if you saw my recent post, you know that place is Iceland.

The Color Run
We've already run it twice, but it's heading our way soon and I'm hoping we'll be in shape before it gets here. Granted I don't participate in 5k's to compete, but I still like to be fit enough that I can run without stopping or passing out. And after this past winter, it's going to take a month or so to get me anywhere close to being in shape for this run.

The A Team is officially back in the Queen City, and we're loving every minute of it. Granted, there are a few things about Cary that we'll miss, namely our proximity to Earthfare, the Kids Marble Museum and Full Steam Brewery, but we get Imaginon, 7th Street Market, the Discovery Place, White Water Center, Freedom Park, Carowinds, and the Old Mecklenburg Brewery, so it's not a bad trade.

Yes, I know several people have gotten sick from eating at Chipotle recently, but I'm fairly certain several million people have died from eating McDonalds and Burger King, so for now, I'll just continue to satiate my unhealthy obsession with chicken bowls and burritos from Chipotle.

Green Smoothies + Smoothie Bowls
They're back! If you've been a longtime follower, you know I have a bit of a slight obsession with smoothies and juice. Last summer I had a few health issues that ultimately led me down the "screw this, I'm going to do/ eat what I want" path. While it was fun, it probably wasn't the best thing health wise. These past few weeks I've had to examine, and reexamine my diet, and get myself back on track.

For clarification purposes, I do not diet. Ever. It's a trap. I've not met one person who has managed to successfully lose weight and keep it off doing the Atkins or whatever flavor of the week diet is popular. And don't even get me started on Shakeology or It Wraps. My weight loss regimen is as follows. Find something I enjoy that gets me active. Do it often. Stop eating so much junk. Eat greens like it's no bodies business. Incorporate tons of green smoothies and juice into my daily diet. Enjoy life. Nothing crazy.

Ripped Jeans
I rediscovered my love for ripped jeans back in December. I've pretty much been obsessed with them ever since.

The National White Water Center
Eons ago, well before Little J made her appearance, while Mr. A and I were still in the "will they, won't they" phase of our friendship, we journeyed up to Charlotte to visit The White Water Center. And had an insanely wonderful time. We always talked about going back, but then never did, so this year I've resolved will be the year of the White Water Center revival. If you live nearby Charlotte, it's one of the the best places to seek a bit of adventure within this gorgeous city. You can go white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, zip-lining, the list is endless and perfect for people who love adventure-- within reason. Like myself :) Needless to say, this year we're probably going to end up with an annual pass.

So that' what I'm loving in March! What have you been loving lately? Feel free to drop a link below!

Until next time,

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