The Best Margarita Ever

The Best Margarita Ever

6 ingredient margaritas

Happy Friday!

We're a few days shy of Cinco De Mayo and I'm celebrating by sharing my absolute favorite Margarita recipe ever. It can be made for adults, or you can nix the alcohol and keep it kid-friendly, either way, it's hands down the best margarita ever. Don't believe me, give it a shot! You will not be disappointed.


2 oz. Sunny D or orange juice
2 oz. sour mix
1 oz. tequila
1 oz. orange liqueur
1 oz. lime juice
Ice cubes
Salt (sea salt or kosher salt works best for rimming glasses).

Instructions for Margarita 

In your blender, add your ingredients and blend well. Pour into a salt rimmed glass and enjoy with a smile!

Instructions for Salt Rim

Rimming your glass with salt is super easy--if you know how to do it correctly. To get the perfect salt rim, fill a shallow bowl with water, lime or lemon juice. (If you're feeling brave, combine all three for an extra sour burst of flavor). Next, fill a small dish with salt or sugar.  Dip the rim of your glass into the bowl, and then quickly dip it into the bowl of salt.

steps for salt rimming a glass

Many bartenders recommend twisting the glass to get more salt on the rim, some say not to. Whether you choose to twist your glass or not is entirely up to you. For your own piece of mind, try it both ways to see which style works best for you!

This Margarita recipe is perfect for a Cinco De Mayo party, celebration or just girls-night-in. It can be made without alcohol so that the kiddos can enjoy this refreshing drink as well.

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simple cinco de mayo margarita

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