5 Ways to Travel Cheap This Summer

5 Ways to Travel Cheap This Summer

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Traveling with a family can get pretty expensive very quickly. This summer enjoy spending more time having fun on your vacation with your family and less time worrying about the cost with these 5 awesome and creative ways to travel cheap this summer. This simple tips are sure to make your next family vacation much more enjoyable!

1. Use Discount Sites Sites 

Groupon and Living Social often times offer super affordable discount rates for traveling. Sometimes you can save as much as $1000 on a cruise or overnight stay in a luxurious hotel. Sign up for weekly alerts so that you know when they're offering a good deal.

2. Avoid Traveling on the Weekend 

Although weekend traveling is more convenient, it's also a bit more costly. Studies show that Wednesday is actually the least expensive day out of the week to travel. If possible, try to plan your vacation during the week. Not only will you cut the cost, but you'll also beat the weekend crowds.

money saving travel tips

3. Take Advantage of Last Minute Deals 

Snagging last minute deals can be difficult at a moments notice when you have a family, but the savings you could rack up would be well worth the inconvenience. If you really want to save some money, keep your eyes peeled for sweet last minute trips. Airfare Watchdog is a great site to keep in mind when looking for those last minute deals.

4. Call BEFORE Booking Online 

Sure booking hotel accommodations online is convenient, but did you know that most of the time you miss out on great deals? Call the hotel and ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. If you're celebrating a special occasion, be sure to make mention of it. You might just get lucky and swing a really great deal this way. Bonus: this method applies to airlines as well.

5. Book Rooms with Kitchens 

Although you may pay a bit more out of pocket right away for the hotel accommodations, booking a room with a kitchen will allow you to dine in instead of spending tons of extra money hitting up expensive restaurants. Pack your own food or go to a local grocery store for a few days worth of food. This alternative is not only cheaper, but probably healthier.

 Have travel plans for the summer? Do you have creative ways to travel cheap you'd like to share? How do you and your family save money when going on vacation? Sound off in the comment section below.

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