At Home: The Ultimate Blogger Shopping Spree

At Home: The Ultimate Blogger Shopping Spree

A/N: I received several items to help facilitate my social shares for this post, however, as always, all thoughts, opinions and images (unless otherwise noted are my own).

Question: What happens when you give 20 bloggers wine and cookies, and then unleash them in At Home for back-to-school shopping?

Answer: A hilarious live streamed shopping spree

Last night Little J and I stopped by At Home and proceeded to shop until we dropped. Again. The theme of the night was College Move-In Essentials, which was perfect, because At Home has one of the best selections I seen so far.

Even though Little J clearly has a few years to go before I start worrying about college life, it was nice to get a sneak peek at what's in store for me. I also got some great advice from mommies that are sending their kids off to college this year. You may recall we recently dropped by another Charlotte area At Home, however, I've got to say, this time was it even more fun because I had the opportunity to meet up with some fabulous ladies AND drink wine while we perused the aisles.

It also didn't hurt that Mr. A showed up and whisked Little J away so mommy could indulge in some much needed girl time.

Some of us also had the chance to live stream the event. Here's some fun footage I tracked down from the event from the hostess with the mostest herself, Maria Bailey.

So after a night of wining and shopping, here's what I learned about At Home

1. At Home is HUGE. Seriously guys. Our fearless tour-guide of the night took us on a 30 minute tour
2. They have stores in 28 states (so far)
3. They have literally everything but the kitchen sink, and actually they might have some of those...
4. If you're looking for affordable college move in essentials for your teens, they've got a lot of it
5. They have something for every style and every budget.

We wrapped up the night by chatting and swapping decor tips and of course, photo-shoots, because it's not everyday you get to meet your style and entrepreneurial crushes both in one night, yes, Fab Ellis, and Maria Bailey, I'm looking at you ladies.

So At Home, thanks for letting us take over your store for the evening! You can be sure you'll see my face (or rather credit card) in your stores quite frequently! 

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  1. At Home is where it's at for home decor! I love it, I just wish it were a little closer. But maybe that's good for my budget.;)

    1. I just got myself in trouble there again last weekend. Those prices are just too good to pass up!


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