I realized it's been a while since I've given you all a life update. Part of this is heavily influenced by my decision to cut back on sharing my personal life on my blog. I made the decision last year to transition into a less personal space. But from time to time, I like to check in and give you all an update. The beginning of another year seemed like the perfect time.

2016 was the year that everything and nothing happened all at once. It's hard to relieve all those seemingly insignificant, but incredibly special moments that happened this year. So if I had to use one word to sum up our year, I would say forward.

As I was putting up Christmas decorations in our new place, it occurred to me that we're back in the same space, but not the same place, if that makes any sense. Last year we made the decision to return to Charlotte. After spending two years in Raleigh, we realized it wasn't home. So we packed our bags, loaded up the truck and returned home. Moving on, moving forward.

This year, Little J started Kindergarten. The very definition of moving forward. There are still a lot of growing pains and an incredible amount of adjustment that we're all struggling through.

Mr. A has made great strides in his professional career. I've grown in my own career, both at work, and through my blog, but I have so much in store for 2017. I'm just thankful I married a guy who can not only handle my entrepreneurial spirit, but encourages it.

For all of the sadness that 2016 brought with it, it also brought so much joy and so much growth. It's brought us to where we are today. Still moving forward.

For the first time in a long time, the thought of a new year is giving me a reason to smile.

2017 is here, and it is my greatest wish that your coming year overflows with an abundance of joy and magic.  May you let down your guard and build longer bridges rather than construct higher fences. May the kindness of strangers inspire you to be more gracious. May you make many mistakes this year. Amazing, glorious mistakes that provide you with wisdom and guidance for the next time.

May you travel to exotic places, both literally and within the pages of your favorite books. May you open your heart to new experiences, and new friendships. May you set new goals. Scary, seemingly insurmountable goals that force you to grow. May you have the courage to live fearlessly, and outrageously.

May your heart be healed. May you know the joy and comfort of family and friends. May you have the courage to surround yourself with people that challenge you. May you be blessed with a thousand kisses and “I Love You’s.” May your life be filled with laughter, joy, knowledge, and compassion, today and every day this year.

Until next time my dear friends. Cheers to a beautiful, bright and merry 2017.

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