SoBakeable: A Monthly Fix for your Sweet Tooth

SoBakeable: A Monthly Fix for your Sweet Tooth

Confession: I'm a choc-holic. Cookies. Cake. I can't get enough of it. Unfortunately for me, summer is around the corner, and my metabolism has come to a screeching halt since I hit 30. Still, an occasional fix for my sweet tooth is necessary to keep me from going off the deep end and going on a nightly binge. Which is why I'm so excited to feature SoBakeable this week.

If you've been a longtime follower, you know I'm a big fan of subscription boxes. It's always fun to come home to an unexpected surprise every now and then. Enter SoBakeable, a monthly fix for your sweet tooth. SoBakeable is similar to other food subscription boxes in that the ingredients all come pre-measured and packaged neatly for easy baking, but it's got a pretty sweet twist to it.

When it comes to cooking, I'm sort of a walking contradiction. As much as I love it, I sort of equally hate it. I love art of cooking, but I hate having to measure, and then re-measure ingredients. Basically, I just want to get to the fun part of cooking-- the eating part. Which is why I'm sort of obsessed with SoBakeable. No measuring, no setting aside ingredients. The only thing you'll ever have measure are wet ingredients like eggs, milk and butter. Everything else is ready to be added to your masterpiece.

This was hands down one of the quickest baking experiences ever.  No muss. No fuss. The hardest part of this experience was waiting for the cookies to finish baking. Each box comes equipt with easy-to-follow recipe instructions, and if you somehow are still in need of advice, you can turn to the SoBakeable App for additional recipes and cooking tips.

SoBakeable boxes are intended for beginner bakers. The instructions are easy-to-follow, and the pre-measured packets take out all the guesswork. These boxes are perfect for entertaining or showing off showcasing your baking skills at your next office party.

Seriously, it doesn't get much easier. Unless you actually go to the store and buy prepared goodies, but then your house won't smell nearly as delicious, and you won't be able to toot your horn at your amazing baking skills.

SoBakeable is also great for your mini chefs. My tiny tester was there to ensure that each of these adorable thumbprint cookies fit the standard before being stored for later consumption. Multiple tests were apparently needed...

The final verdict? SoBakeable is pretty much foolproof and well worth the monthly subscription fee. A single box will cost you $29.95, which is truthfully a bit more expensive than regular desserts, but the convenience, and sheer joy of baking your own goodies makes this subscription box worth every penny.

Are you a fan of foodie subscription boxes? Have you tried SoBakeable?

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