My Wisdom Tooth Story + A Memo Box Giveaway

My Wisdom Tooth Story + A Memo Box Giveaway

I want to start this post with a huge THANK YOU to all of my readers who tweeted and messaged me about their experiences having their wisdom teeth removed! Your advice has helped to make this experience a bit more bearable. So Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! (P.S. my giveaway is sponsored by Memo Box, however, all thoughts, opinions and pictures are mine unless otherwise stated.)

I'm not a fan of the dentist. Any dentist, really. And by not a fan, I mean incredibly terrified. I know, call me weak. But there's something about having a person operating a power drill in my mouth that conjures up enough"what-if"scenarios to keep me awake at night for all of eternity.

I credit my phobia to that one time my dentist told me it wouldn't hurt. He lied. It hurt. A lot.  I was 5 at the time, but that memory is still fresh in my mind. So you can imagine that I wasn't overjoyed when my dentist told me that I would need to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed.

I fought it of course. I waited up until the last minute. I suffered through and ear infection, a nasty sinus infection (among other things) and pain, until finally I capitulated and set up the appointment. Of course because I'm a proud member of the 30's club, having my wisdom teeth removed has long since been a time coming, so all four of them were impacted. Which meant that a dentist could no longer remove them. I had to be referred to an oral surgeon and go under general anesthesia.

I grudgingly set my appointment.

The day of my surgery, as I sat in the waiting room, filling out all sorts of paperwork that basically said "if we accidentally kill you, it will in no way, be our fault. But it's not like you can sue us, cause you'll be dead. This is just basically to make sure that your family doesn't sue us for accidentally killing you. In the event we do kill you, oops, our bad."

Three times I thought about just making a break for it. In fact, just as I was measuring the distance from my chair to the door, the nurse called me back.

Truthfully, the surgery itself wasn't that bad. All I remember is the surgeon saying, "by the time you register that I've even given you this shot, you'll be asleep. And it will basically feel like your eyes have been closed for 10 seconds."

I started to laugh and say something witty, but by the time I worked out a response, I was already out.

I woke up with a strange craving for pizza. That's all I really remember from the first day. I had apologized in advance to the surgeon and his aide for all of the potentially embarrassing things I would possibly do. Two weeks before I had fallen into the YouTube rabbit-hole and watched people do all sorts of incredibly embarrassing things. I became convinced that I was going to propose to my dentist. Obviously I'll never know if I did, but he called to check in on me a few days ago, and didn't seem too weird.

Day two arrived, and I experienced a whole new level of pain. My mouth literally felt as though it had been dosed in gasoline and lit on fire. Thank God for meds and an older sister who was kind enough to drive me back from the appointment, only laughing a tiny bit when I got angry that she wouldn't pull over the car and let me go swimming in the lake. Fully clothed. In the middle of February. In addition to acting as a chauffeur, she made sure Little J didn't burn down the house while I was down for the count.

Day three was the worst. I was grumpy from not being able to eat. Annoyed because I hate being confined to the house. And in pain. Definitely not a good combination.

By day four, things were improving.

I'm at day 6 now. Most of my stitches has dissolved, and I can almost eat solids foods without curling into the fetal position. I still have a hugely unattractive knot on my cheek, but I feel okay for the most part.

Never in my life have I been so happy that I got all my dental work done at once, because having gone through what I just did, I don't know if I would sign up to do it all over again.

In addition to being a non-fan of the dentist, I'm terrible at remembering to take my meds. Which is probably an incredible source of headache for my doctor. Luckily, just as I arrived home, a shiny new package appeared on my doorstep to solve all my pill problems. And because I believe in sharing, I'm giving you guys a chance to get in on this giveaway...

The Memo Mini Box is the world's first Smart Pill Box. Since this month I'm hosting a Smart Home Series, and I was prescribed a ton of meds post surgery, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I swear, this was not planned. The company reached out to me right around the time that I set up my appointment, and I decided to try it out and since I liked it so much, I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to win one.

I've used the box for 3 days now and noticed a DEFINITE improvement in my ability to remember to take my meds. So this is perfect if your like me and are a bit forgetful. This tiny box allows users to set daily alarms for their medication. When it's pill time, the alarm on your app will alert you to make sure you stay on schedule.

To use the Memo Box, you simply have to download the app, and set your timers. You can set them hourly, or daily to fit your needs. You can even take pictures of your pill bottle to make sure you remember which pills you're taking. The Memo Box can can be used for prescription medication, or for non-prescription things, like those pesky vitamins you should definitely take, but keep forgetting about.

As you can imagine, this has been incredibly helpful for me in my recovery, so much so that I want to give one of my readers the opportunity to win one of their own!

Simply fill out the rafflecopter widget below to enter this giveaway. Winner will be verified and given 72 hours to respond to official giveaway notification before another winner is selected. This giveaway is only open to US residents 18+ years of age. Good luck!

And be sure to tune into my Smart Mom, Smart Home series, happening all month long both here and on YouTube!

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