Smart Moms, Smart Homes: Coming Soon

Smart Moms, Smart Homes: Coming Soon

Smart Moms, Smart Homes

20 years ago, the idea of home automation was a bit hard to swallow. Sure we had futuristic shows like The Jettson, and Power Rangers, but truthfully, not many people believed that we would one day have refrigerators that talk to us, or computers that could be activated with our thumbprint. Flash forward 20 years and while we don't have flying cars (yet) home automation is starting to become more common. 

So I started looking for affordable ways to "smarten up" our home. Which is how I came up for the theme for my new series. Smart Moms, Smart Homes offers inexpensive smart home for moms (and dads) to make their lives easier. 

Every Monday in March, be sure to swing by my blog and YouTube channel for help and reviews for some fun, affordable and innovative smart products to get you started with home automation. Plus, enter to win some of this super smart tech as well.

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