Charlotte Happenings: County Fair Open for the Season at Carowinds

Charlotte Happenings: County Fair Open for the Season at Carowinds

A/N: I was given free entry into Carowinds and a food pass in exchange for sharing my recap with you all, but as always, all thoughts, opinions and photos belong to me unless stated otherwise. Enjoy!

Last weekend, Little J and I took to Carowinds to check out four thrilling new rides at the much anticipated Carowinds County Fair. Apparently, the wait was well worth it, because that particular section of Carowinds was packed all day. And after checking out this recap, you'll understand why.

We arrived at the park around 1:00 PM. Since we were a bit late arriving, we decided to stay until closing, which is pretty easy to do if you've ever visited Carowinds because there is plenty to do and eat. It truly is an all day affair.

The County Fair is located near the South Gate near Thunder Road. Right away I noticed that there were families of all ages having a blast. Our family is big on local fairs, so it's fun to have a "fair-like" section of the park to head to for some good, clean home-grown fun every once and a while. It doesn't hurt that the food is AMAZING.

The other benefit of staying at the park all day was the complete lack of guilt I felt indulging in all the goodies. In my mind, amusement park calories don't count since you spend so much time walking and screaming you basically burn everything off right away. At least that's how it works in my mind...

 As far as the thrills, there are four new rides that you don't want to miss out on.

The Do-Si-Do

As soon as we entered the County Fair, we headed straight to the Do-Si-Do. I was pretty surprised that Little J was up for riding, but my girl is a bit of a thrill seeker, so it's fitting that she wanted to start her day off on an adventurous note. And The Do-Si-Do is definitely for the adventurous. This fast paced ride soars into the air with three giant rotating arms that spin riders in different directions.

The Zephyr

A total throwback to my favorite fair ride, the swings. We rode the Zephyr next. It was the perfect opportunity to give Little J a bit of freedom and enjoy a ride to myself. Bonus: It's a GREAT way to see the sights around Carowinds.

The Electro Spin

At the time that we visited, the Electro Spin was still in the final stages of construction, so we didn't have the opportunity to ride it ourselves, but it looked amazing. Since we're "Fair-goers" we've seen this ride in action firsthand, and it's not something you want to miss.

The Rock N' Roller

Of all the fair rides I've ever ridden in my life (which have been many) The Rock N' Roller has probably been the most frequented. It's basically the true essence of any fair. It's just daring enough that you feel exhilarated having ridden it, but not so overwhelming that you get sick.

We finished up our day running from ride to ride and being silly at Carowinds.

If you're local, and have been to Carowinds a time or two before, this season, you're definitely going to want to add them to the top of your summer bucket list. Even if you've already been, The County Fair is something you're going to want to check out! If you've never been, this season is perfect opportunity to change that.

Feel free to check out my recent Carowinds posts for more information about the parks and events.

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