20 Fun Coding Games for Kids of All Ages

20 Fun Coding Games for Kids of All Ages

Teach your kids to love and master coding with these 20 fun coding games for kids of all ages

Teach your kids how to code with these 20 Coding Games for Kids of All Ages.

In our house, computers are life. I remember how adamant I was about ensuring that our daughter spend more time outside with nature, and less time in front technology. This was obviously before she was born. Oh, how naive I was.

My daughter belongs to the "generation of tech." A generation that will never know life without cellphones or tablets, and a generation that gets to play with robots. Frankly, I'm a bit jealous.  So instead of shying away from technology, I'm teaching my daughter in hopes that one day she'll grow to love it. Since I believe that sharing is caring, today I'm sharing 10 of my favorite Coding Games for kids of All Ages.

Super Hero Coding Games (No Computer Required)  

Use basic programming ideas to help Batman avoid the bad guys and get the jewels! You have to get him to move on the right path around the obstacles using basic programming commands. Plus it’s an awesome STEM activity. STEM is science, technology, engineering, and math.

Teach Kids How to Write Computer Coding  Marshall Brain

Code Monkey: Easy Coding Game for Kids -  Play Code Monkey

Coding a LEGO Maze - Research Parent

These LEGO mazes, which can be solved with “code” using paper rather than a computer, illustrate 4 levels of difficulty and include a variety of programming concepts.

Coding with Minecraft Made Easy - Raising Lifelong Learners

 If-Then Backyard Coding Game For Kids -Left Brain Craft Brain

Help kids learn to code with no expensive equipment. No computer, no tablet, no apps, just their bodies and their mind. So we’re starting with one of the most basic parts of computer programming, the If Then statement and turning it into a fun and active game.

Screen Free Coding for Preschoolers  Science Kiddo

Make a Spy Decoder Frugal Fun 4 Boys

 Sphero Bocce Ball Coding Game - All For the Boys
Learn how to code using the new Sphero SPRK+. This game challenges little coders to learn how to quickly and efficiency develop simple code while facing off against their opponents.

Coding for Kids: X Marks the Spot - All Done Monkey

Code Academy: Learn to Code for Free - Code Academy

 Code Your Name in Jewelry - Mama Smiles
Learn how to write your name in binary using the ASCII code for computers. This craft is perfect for new coders to help them develop a basic understanding of how coding works. Check out Mama Smiles for this super easy coding craft!

Coding: Using Problem Solving - Adventure's of a Children's Librarian

Coding Books for Young Kids - Teach Age Kids

Robot Clean Up Coding Game - Inspiration Laboratories
Finally! A game that not only teachers coding, but cleaning up. Every mothers dream. Teach your littlest coders all about basic coding techniques. Using a series of commands, your children can take turns acting as a "clean-up bot" and following code commands to achieve a clean room.

Coding Apps for Kids - Teach Beside Me

Code Monkey: Easy Coding Game for Kids -  Play Code Monkey

Coding for Kids: Writing Instruction - Science Sparks 
This game is perfect for kids ages 7+ as it involves creating carefully constructed sentences. Teach your children how to code by writing various sets of instructions i.e. packing for vacation, making a favorite sandwich. The key to this activity is making sure that the instructions include every detail, after all, a computer doesn't know you need a towel to dry off after you take a swim, it can only follow a specific set of instructions. This activity will perfectly illustrates the importance of complete code.

7 Apps That Teach Children Coding - Edutopia

7 Secret Spy Codes for Kids with Free Printable - Le Chaim on the Right

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  1. You're right, computers are life, and as such, we should all be savvy as to how to not only use, but create and implement! And especially the kiddos! Great article!


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