Freebie Friday: Try to Be a Rainbow In Someone Else's Cloud

Freebie Friday: Try to Be a Rainbow In Someone Else's Cloud

It's been so long since I've done a Freebie Friday, and these quote have been on my mind a lot. When I wrote the post, " The Day My Daughter Rejected my Blackness," I had no clue it would go viral. When something you write goes viral, there's this incredible sense of accomplishment. You've written something that has touched so many hearts. But the problem with going viral, is that you've essentially invited millions of people with varying opinions into your life.

For the past few days, I've been blocking and ignoring the overly obnoxious people sending me hate mail, and have been focusing on the good. And there's a lot of it. So many kind people who read what I had to say and found solace in my words. They're the reason I'm still going. They're the reason I'll keep going.

But today, I'm sending out a little extra love into the universe with these printables. I hope they serve as a reminder to someone who needs it.

To download, simply click on the links below.

Try to be the Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud
We Rise By Lifting Others

Peace, love and happy thoughts. And remember, today, be kind to those who need it the most.

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