Summer Learning: Slide It

Summer Learning: Slide It

In any other circumstance, sliding playing cards along a table might not seem like a learning activity, but this game is! Take turns sliding cards, measuring their distance from the edge using a ruler, and adding up the total to find your score. Practice makes perfect! Try sliding the cards so they just touch the edge, if you're successful you're almost guaranteed to walk away the winner.

What You Need: 

Deck of cards
Table Paper

What You Do: 

Select a table to use for the game. Then decide which player will keep score and give the scorekeeper the paper and pencil. Divide the deck of cards evenly among the players. Each player will then take turns sliding a cards along the table. The goal is to slide the card so that it's as close as possible to the edge of the table.

Players should use a ruler to measure how far their cards are from the edge of the table and then tell the scorekeeper their measurements. Use either centimeters or inches, but be consistent. You might even have to measure millimeters if the card get close enough to the edge.

If a card falls off of the table it incurs a 20 unit (centimeters or inches) penalty, as its distance from the edge of the table cannot be easily measured. Play for as many rounds as you'd like. At the end of play, have each player add up their measurements to find their measurement total. The player with the smallest collective measurement wins the game.

Do you have any fun summer learning games you'd like to share? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below for a feature!

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