How to Design a Halloween Display on a Budget #AtHomeStores

How to Design a Halloween Display on a Budget #AtHomeStores

This post has been #sponsored by At Home and MomSelect. However, all thoughts, images and awesome decorating skills belong to me. Enjoy! #AtHomeStores #AtHomeFinds

Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner? I'll admit, for a 30-something-year-old I get pretty excited about Halloween. And by pretty excited, I mean ridiculously excited.

This year I started decorating for Halloween a bit early. We have a tenancy to get incredibly busy once the new school year starts, and I wanted to make sure that I got my Halloween decor before it was gone. Luckily, At Home believes in kicking off the spooky season early as well so I was able to get all of my Halloween decorating essentials in one trip. Unlike the previous years, this year I focused on the inside of our house--specifically the hallway table as it tends to get the most through traffic. Perfect for a festive Halloween display!

If you've never been to an At Home Store, let me warn you, wear comfortable shoes, and prepare to want to buy all the things. It is a massive store. The first time I went, it took me nearly an hour to cover the whole store, and that was just a quick walk-through. Now if I'm looking for home decor essentials, At Home is typically my first stop. Halloween is no exception. And this year I scored big. I managed to snag quite a bit of things, for a really small price tag.

Then I headed home and got to work putting together this festive Halloween display.

My favorite two items are the "Strange and Spooky Sounds Echo Through These Halls" sign and the witches brew bucket. The sign fit perfectly because our entry table is in the hallway, and the witches brew bucket looks great, but can also be used to hold candy on Halloween night. I love multi-functional decor.

The chain also added a nice extra touch. Gauze cloth gave the table a "worn" look. I added bright pops of color with the orange and black ornaments,  orange led lights, and a simple black bucket filled with spider webs. The glitter crow was in impulse buy that ended up fitting in nicely. The final touch were the 3 black roses and spiders.

If you're on a tight budget, At Home should definitely be your first (and only) stop to stock up on Halloween decorations this season. Don't believe me? The prices speak for themselves:

Hallway Sign: $7.99
Bucket: $3.99
Chain: $6.99
Glitter Crow:
Gauze: $4.99
Ornaments: $3.99
Orange Lights: $10.99
Spider Web: $1.99
Black Roses: $ .99 (per rose)
Total Spent: $46.89

Now that our house is all ready for Halloween, I can start to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm curious, when do you typically start getting ready for Halloween? Do you focus on the inside of your house, or just the outside?

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