Preparing for Torrential Weather with the Toyota Prius Prime Advanced

Preparing for Torrential Weather with the Toyota Prius Prime Advanced

A/N: This post is sponsored by Toyota & DriveShop, however, all thoughts and opinions about how amazing this vehicle is, belong solely to me.

This year the weather has been unseasonably tumultuous. Within a one month span, we've experienced multiple historic Hurricanes that have claimed hundreds of lives and destroyed billions in property.  And it's showing no sign of slowing down soon. Like the rest of the nation, watching these events unfold have been unsettling, but also eye-opening about how unprepared for disaster my family is.

Ironically, during Hurricane Irma, I was given the opportunity to test drive the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced for a week. I used my time with the Prius wisely and hit the stores to stock up for the the Hurricane. Having the Prius for the week with a Hurricane quickly approaching was actually pretty comforting for several reasons.

Gas Mileage

It's no secret that hybrids are more economical when it comes to gas. The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced comes with two options for getting your car where you need it to go: gas, or charge.

I admit, before I had the opportunity to get behind the wheel, I was under the assumption that hybrids they operate primarily on energy, and if it wasn't charged on a daily basis, it would just run out of energy and leaving you stranded on the side of the road. This definitely isn't the case. You can fuel your vehicle just as you would any other, however, you also have the option to charge it to get the best gas mileage possible. In the case of the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, you get 52 mile to the gallon. That is insane.

So you can see how having a vehicle that gets incredible gas mileage like this would be beneficial in the event that you are under mandatory evacuation, and gas is sparse.

Size and Comfort

For a smaller vehicle, the Toyota Prius Prime Advanced is deceptively comfortable. Both Mr. A and I are a bit on the tall side-- 5'9 and 6.0, so we admittedly scoffed at the idea of a smaller vehicle, however, after driving the Prius for a week, we had to swallow our pride and admit we were wrong. Although the Prius seems smaller on the outside, it's bigger on the inside (bonus points for all of my fellow Doctor Who fans who got that reference). And the truck space allows for you to pack plenty of supplies or personal belongings if necessary.

In addition to the deceptive size, this thing is built for comfort. It rides so smooth I'm almost sure the wheels actually hover above the ground. And it is so quiet. If you are like us and travel a lot, the drone of a car can be tiresome, but this thing is so quiet you don't have to worry about that annoying drone.

Lane Departure Assistance

Probably one of my favorite features: Road Lane Assistance. I feel like this is a must for mother's everywhere who have ever had to deal with temper tantrums, back seat fights and squabbles from the kiddos in the back. So if you ever find yourself yelling looking over your shoulder to play referee in the backseat, the Prius has you covered. It will give you an alert if you start to shift out of your lane.

Though it's useful with children, it's probably even more useful when navigating the roads during inclimate weather. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the road lines in a downpour. If you ever find yourself in bad weather, the lane departure assistance feature can help make sure you stay between the lines.

Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers

I have always had bad luck with windshield wipers. They either stop working, or don't work well enough. The Prius comes with a powerful set of wipers that I had the opportunity to test out, courtesy of Hurricane Irma. But even better than the power and effectiveness of the wipers themselves, is the fact that they automatically sense the rain and activate to the optimal speed to keep your line of sight clear.

Wireless Charging

We travel frequently, but always, without fail, something gets left behind. I can only imagine that the likelihood of remembering to pack everything while being forced to evacuate your home in an emergency is pretty slim. Something will get left behind. But leaving behind a charger during an emergency could potentially be dangerous. So having a wireless charger built into your car is comforting. Even if you forget to pack your charger, you can always charge on the go. And if you lose power, you will always be able to charge your phone in your car.

As far as navigating inclimate weather, these are my top favorite features in the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced, but there are honestly too many to fit into one post. I am obviously a tech person, so that dashboard was amazing. If you're interested in potentially purchasing one, I would sugguest testing it out and getting comfortable with it.

The Prius comes with a lot of bells and whistles, but I found that every single feature it had, was useful in some way. Especially during the week a category 5 hurricane blows your way. If you ask me, it is well worth the $27,100 price tag it comes with. Twice over.

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