Month 7

Month 7

It's hard to believe we're only two months shy of Baby J's arrival. We're finally, and officially in prep mode. It's interesting how this time around, things are a bit more relaxed. Almost immediately after I discovered I was pregnant with Little J, we had the nursery set up, diapers stockpiled, and her college picked out. I guess it's true what they say about the second born not being coddled quite as much.

I likely won't be traveling as much in the coming months while we prepare for Baby J's arrival, or likely much afterwards either. I'm okay with this. For now. I've discovered that being pregnant at 31 is a bit more challenging than being pregnant at 23. I'd imagine that my recovery time will likely be a bit longer than the first as well.

In the next few weeks I'll start packing my hospital bag and getting everything lined up. This way we can sail through our last holiday season as a family of 3. In a weird way, I'm a bit sad about this. But from what I've read, this is completely normal.

Little J is looking forward to meeting her brother. Truthfully, she wasn't pleased at the prospect of having a brother at first, she was #TeamSister, but then we told her if she had a sister, she would likely steal all of her toys and clothes. Much like I did to my own sister :: Sorry about that TJ:: Needless to say, she changed her tune real quick, and is quickly sliding into big sister mode.

Mr. A is being Mr. A. Excited about finally no longer being outnumbered in the house. Especially now that we have Chase. I suppose it's either time to try for another girl or adopt a kitten. I guess we'll see which one comes first.

I'll be sharing a few more pregnancy pics before officially signing off for the Holidays, so be sure to come back and see what we've been up to.

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