The Importance of Being Reese: June 2018

These Last Few Months

Wow. It's almost hard to believe that my family has managed to pack everything into these last few months. We've managed to cram what has felt like a decade worth of major life changes into a few short months. And I can't really say it's all been good.

As many of you know, we recently became a family of 4. And then very quickly became a family of 3 once again. A few short weeks after Baby J was born, Mr. A deployed. For months we were on pins and needles hoping that he would be here to witness the birth of his son, and thankfully he was. But when the Army comes calling, you don't really have much say. We were very blessed that he managed to spend a few short weeks with his son before deploying. I managed to nearly blind them both trying to capture as many photographs of the two of them together before their time together was over.